Top 10 Reasons Why the List "Reasons Tom and Jerry Is Better Than Tom and Jerry Tales" Is Wrong

You may think the classic Tom and Jerry is better than Tom And Jerry Tales, but you're wrong.

The Top Ten

1 It contains my favorite Tom and Jerry cartoon ever

It's Tomcat Superstar! Yeah!

2 It features better animation

I like the animation! It's better than the original Tom and Jerry animation.

3 It features better characters

I love this show's characters!

4 Jerry is now portrayed with a different voice that's adorable

His voice is adorable! So is he!

5 Jerry looks even cuter

Jerry is as cute as is, but here he is super, super cute!

6 Better voice actors

Nah, the original ones were better. The voices in Tom and Jerry Tales are annoying.

The voice actors are weird in the original Tom and Jerry, but this Tom and Jerry features better ones!

7 More characters

This show's got even more character than the original cartoon!

8 A little less violent

No, the original is better. Tom and Jerry Tales was boring and the episodes were stupid. - Koppa

Yes, there is an episode of the classic series where Jerry cuts a present in half whilst Tom is inside it

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