Reasons Why the List "Top 10 Reasons Why Digimon is Better Than Pokemon" is Inaccurate


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1 Bandai is idiotic and horrible. Game Freak is epic

Bandai makes a lot of cool toys still plus it is merged with Namco.Game freak is cool and all but I think they could make more non-Pokemon stuff.

Game freak is cool but needs to make more stuff than Pokemon look at splatoon

Ignore the troll list people

I used to respect you,GoatWorlds, until THIS list. - shawnmccaul22

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2 Pokemon aren't always simplistic

And digimon aren't always overdesigned

People like Pokemon because they are cute.People like digimon because they get weapons and armor.Saying that digimon are too over designed.Well all anime characters are over designed.You like dragon ball z and the characters they are over designed.

3 The move names sound horrible

We both know there are terrible sounding moves for both like scratch or sharp claw

Bubble and blue blaster woah so creative on both sides of digimon and Pokemon

Like in the old days Pokemon moves were horrible compared to digimon - Masterofal


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4 Digimon is a cheap Pokemon knock-off

Digimon with human synchronize (2002) and Pokemon with human synchronize (2015) who is ripping off who

Just cause it has -mon well Pokemon started as pocket monsters till 1998 and digimon was always digimon

Digimon is a male version of tamogotchi and Pokemon is supposed to be like bug catching kinda.

Digimon Fusion: Diaboromon Strikes Back (2001)
Pokemon Fusion: Pokemon Black and White 2 (2012)

Digimon and humans fusing: Digimon Frontier (2003)
Pokemon and humans fusing: Pokemon RéBURST (2011)

Who's the copy now?

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5 Even the Pokemon anime is better

No it is not. Digimon has the better shows compared to Pokemon and it has actual story and character development. Ash has barely ever changed. The Pokemon anime is pretty bad. And have you watched the entire 1st season of digimon sure it gets cheesy sometimes but it has a lot of action and adventure.

The Pokemon anime is the same formula you should only watch till the johoto journey

I honestl agree with this! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Outdated xy and xyz were good and had everything digimon has - Masterofal

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6 "It's fan base isn't made up of ignorant people" isn't true

Yeah I like both they are both awesome in their own ways

If you say digimon copies Pokemon and you know little to nothing about it your contradicting yourself.

Plus a grammar mistake "It's" - Goatworlds

Are Digimon Fans worse than Charizard Haters? Charizard Haters don't even know how many
non-Charizard pokemon with quad weaknesses there are. They also think it stinks just 'cause it's 4x weak to rock..-_-.

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7 You can also become a Pokemon

Mystery Dungeon games! Best spin-off series

In the games, you're actually forced to - 906389

In digimon you can become a digimon by free will and still revert back to human.In Pokemon you have to stay a Pokemon not even by choice.

*gasp! * That's exactly like Digimon! Which also came first because of Digimon Tamers. - Mugi

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8 Pokemon is not overrated

It is, but is deserves to be overrated CAUSE ITS EPIC!

In Japan they are both equally known along with a few other countries

Yes it is. If anything, Digimon is the one underrated. - Mugi

Yeah it is
I like Pokemon, but look at everyone
Pokemon is all over the media
And what about Digimon?
This list is making me give up on Pokemon. - yungstirjoey666

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9 "It beat Pokemon in a Death Battle" is an invalid reason, just fan made.

Charizard would have not killed agumon because he fights very powerful opponents

Despite it being fan made it gives clear facts why tai and agumon would win and if your going to say that death battle is biased in the Pokemon vs digimon post show boomstick said he liked Pokemon more.

Actually despite being fan made it does have facts why wargreymon would beat charizard.Even if Tai did not punch Red,Charizard was recharging from blast burn leaving him open for an attack.

Hey guys,guess what? There's actually a reason on this list that seems legitament!

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10 You can have an army of Pokemon

You can do that in digimon too so not much to argue

You can have 6 Pokemon and in digimon you can have a lot more than that in the digivice

In digimon you have collection of all the digimon you've tamed in your digivice but in Pokemon you might need a pc

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11 Pokemon's games are WAY better.

I can agree with this but digimon cybersleuth got good reviews and digimon psp was pretty good. There are a lot of boring digimon games but still a decent amount of good ones.

You people realize Digimon's games blow, right?

The digimon games are good not the best though.

Yeah but the digimon games are good in their own right. Pokémon games are better but are usually an rpg with different monsters and a few new things added into the game. Digimon games have more genres,new stories,and digimon you never got to see in the show.

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12 Digimon is overrated

Um, no? While people are fangirling over a show that has the same thing over and over again with no real plot, Digimon is at the bottom of people's memories, and it doesn't deserve that. Pokemon had the better games, but Digimon has the better show. - Mugi

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