Top 10 Reasons Why the List "Reasons Why Donald Trump Shouldn't Win the 2016 Presidential Election" is Wrong

The list "Reason why Donald Trump Shouldn't Win the 2016 Presidential Election" is the most inaccurate list on the website.

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1 None of the reasons have anything to do with politics

Even " if " he is a sexist and a racist that have nothing to do with how he will govern? Politics is more than just business. Politics is not " making deals " like you're in realestates. It's also about education, ethics, morals and many other things! Since when is racism and crude vulgar sexism good for the political landscape? United will be more divided and terrorism, crimes etc... will raise higher than ever before. I guess you want to live in a country like that? Keep watching Fox news and keep read his Tweets and keep dreaming! Stupid comments are coming from stupid people. No wonder why he was elected!

And you think that you elected a politician? That Trump has any political knowledge? If the reasons are not political it's because he is not a politician to begin with. He's a greedy egomaniacal capitalist who replaced American democracy with oligarchy. None of the reasons have to do with politics but that's because his populism won over political capacity.

That's mainly because they criticize his personality and what CNN has told them rather than stating actual issues with his political ideas. People hate on singers like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Ariana Grande for the same crappy reasons. - DCfnaf

Amen, I am a Trump supporter, #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, and you are Venomous Soup, aren't you? - Maddox121

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2 All the reasons are false info by the media

Fox news anyone?

CNN anyone? - DCfnaf

CNN stands for "Clinton Network News" - Donald Trump (c) - 7357

3 The reasons make no sense

Duh - DCfnaf

4 It states that he's racist and hates Mexicans, but he just wants to ban illegal immigrants

He stated himself that Mexicans are rapists and criminals, and I'm pretty sure he was screwed over by Mexicans tons of times; that's probably why he hates them. I personally find no problem with them.

He said that some he assumes are good people

What is a legal immigrant?

5 It states that he hates Muslims, yet that has nothing to do with America

"HE'S BANNED MUSLIMS FROM ENTERING! HE CLEARLY HATES THEM! " Guys...he temporarily banned seven countries...42 other countries with muslims are allowed to come into the country. - DCfnaf

I didn't recall hearing these Trump haters complain when Obama bombed those Muslim countries that Trump temporarily banned. - SuperSonic17

The ignorance and obvious falsehoods of statements like this are off the chart.

Maybe it does because *gasp* there are muslims in america - AnonymousChick

6 It states that he will start WWIII, but there is no proof of that

"HE'S ADOLF HITLER! " Is something I hear all of the time, and it's ridiculous. - DCfnaf

7 It says he will bang his daughter, but he was only joking

If I wore a hijab, was holding a bomb and yelled Alahu Akbar but the bomb didn't go off and I said it was a joke, you wouldn't think that. - AnonymousChick

"You know, some people in this world are just TOO SENSITIVE. Almost NOBODY can take a joke anymore. People will call anything racist, sexist, mysogynistic, and it's just...intolerable." - Puga

Truer words have not been spoken, my friend. Do you guys SERIOUSLY THINK Trump actually wants to bang his daughter? My cousins and family members have called me handsome, kissed me, talked about my deep voice, and are THEY gonna bang me? NO. - DCfnaf

This is the dumbest thing about some people. They are TOO SENSITIVE! Even my principal in my old school suspended me because I made a harmless joke. All I said was,"Guys, I hope the principal would be fine if I hump his daughter." That's just a harmless joke but he still suspended me.

Also, make jokes were the main reasons why I got detention and sent to the principal's office. The most retarded Reason I was sent to his office was because during history class my teacher said,"Alright class, today we are going to discuss a very important date." I replied,"Who's the lucky guy? " BAM! A few minutes later I was at 'the office'.

Honestly, even in my new school people can't take a joke. I was gonna dedicate a song to one of my exes. I played 'My X' as a joke (by the way My X is the worst song from the worst album). Guess what? She started crying and making a huge scene. Even my last breakup was something similar. I was gonna play '679' cause I thought it was fun, catchy and ...more - AlphaQ

8 It states that he mocked a disabled man, but that has nothing to do with why he shouldn't be president

He did mock a disabled man, that's actually true, but that doesn't make him a bad president. - DCfnaf

It actually does because that is a bad role model - toptenforlife

9 It states that he is sexist, but that's just another media lie

Trump actually chose a woman to build Trump Tower because he believed that she was the best person for the job. Would a sexist do that?

Why would women support him then and why would his daughter like him? - DCfnaf

Yeah, all media that says something wrong ( but true ) about him is in his opinion fake news. Only the news he dictates ( via ugly Sarah Huckabee Sanders ) is the real thing. Get real people. Since when are words of a corrupted liar true?

Y'all, he sexually assault women and if that's not sexist, please go tell me what is. - AnonymousChick

Sexually assaulting women does not make you a sexist, it just makes you an abusive ass - DCfnaf

10 It says he is selfish, he actually cares a lot for America

If he's selfish, than why is he so worried about the inner countries that are poor and whatnot thanks to Obamacare? - DCfnaf

Hey D.C. Fnaf you do realized your biggest fan modren spongebob sucks hates trump ( or at least thought he was not a good president - toptenforlife

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11 He loves Americans

LOL lies - toptenforlife

12 He cares for his workers
13 He being racist was actually a plan to get media attention
14 It’s outdated

He already won the election. - Drewman1211

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