Top Ten Reasons Why the List "Reasons Why Gravity Falls is Better Than Liv and Maddie" is Inaccurate

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1 Liv and Maddie are whiny little pukes so much that they make bad episodes of cartoons look good.

Even worse than one coarse meal! - Neonco31

I put this on here.

Lol. Thanks to the person who added this!

Oh and by the way, this show is so bad, That it makes "Everyone Knows it's Bendy" like it should be a show with thousands of rewards.

Yep, Now I will see Disney's reaction.

2 Liv and Maddie has a ton of stereotypes, Gravity Falls does not

HAH! True! Like every white girl has, blonde hair, blue eyes and super girly. - KianaLexi

SCORE! Someone got away with adding this! - peaceswagtv

This is the only item that I believe is accurate on this list. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The only good thing - Neonco31

3 Liv and Maddie are retarded, Dipper and Mabel are not


Ha Ha Ha - Neonco31

4 It's not Liv and Maddie that's creepy, disturbing and downright demented, it's Gravity Falls.

Wanna know the major difference between me and you, Disney1994? When Nateawesomeness told me he didn't like Sword Art Online, he politely asked me to respect his opinion and that he'll respect mine's. We agreed to respect both of our opinions and that was it. Happy ending. When it comes to you whenever you hear someone criticizing Liv and Maddie, you always get hypersensitive (even more than how hypersensitive I was in the past) and always whine about them not liking it and wanting people to like the show against their will. Seriously, learn to know that not everyone is going to like what you like! Like in my case, I know not everyone is going to like every politician, celebrity, video game, song, anime, cartoon, or movie that I like! But you know, what? I just learn to get over it and accept that not everyone is going to have the same opinions as me! Seriously, I'm clearly trying to set an example for you right here in this comment, Disney1994! Learn to accept other people's opinions ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Tirade after nonsensical tirade, people are hating on the creator of this list. While I might not agree with the subject matter, I certainly do not believe he deserves harsh criticism, or, dare I say, hate speech. He's autistic and feels like no one likes him. In doing what you're doing right now, you're simply making him feel worse as a TheTopTens user and a living, breathing person. Can't one day go by without a lynch mob assembling on the internet? Again, this dude you are bashing is autistic and most likely has a more extensive vocabulary than most of you. His condition gives him a lack of social skills; he REALLY likes the things he likes, and REALLY doesn't like the things he dislikes. Just leave him alone, for Pete's sake. There's this thing called human rights, see... - TehBoss

Oh boy, Disney1994 you never cease to surprise me. Just when I thought you were getting better with some of your latest lists, you come right back at it with this crap. Stop dude. Jesus Christ, just stop already. Stop bashing other users because they don't like Liv and Maddie. It's not even that big of a deal. - Mcgillacuddy

Liv and Maddie makes me cringe so badly. It's really annoying.

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5 Liv and Maddie whine and complain all the time, Dipper and Mabel don't

So do Sam & Cat (I mean as in the show and the extra-ruined characters). Later on, they would both get unreasonably furious at the people for doing what they forced them to do.

I am dying of this. I am gonna do this too.

I'll give a hundred bucks to the person who added this - Neonco31

6 Liv and Maddie is more appropriate for young children. Gravity Falls is not, because it's way too scary.

Oh come on, Children are much much more resilient and intelligent than we could ever give them credit for! I mean, everyone has a fond memory of that one thing as a child that was only memorable because it make us crap bricks. For me, that was the Night Shift episode of Spongebob and The Witches by Roald Dahl. Both of which I loved and lost sleep to! - keycha1n

When you're 21 and admit that you watch a show for children. And find cartoons scary. Seriously, you're the definition of wrong. I don't know how to describe you any other way. - IronSabbathPriest

Gravity falls isn't even scary. It's a CARTOON. - Therandom

Wow. A 21 year old man scarred of a cartoon? Lol! - Neonco31

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7 Liv and Maddie is overrated while Gravity Falls is underrated

Yes! Somebody put this here! - Powerfulgirl10

Gravity Falls USED to be underrated. Now, it has become overrated such as Undertale and Earthbound. - shawnmccaul22

8 Gravity Falls is much more mean-spirited than Liv and Maddie.

That's just wrong. That sitcom teaches no positive lesson for children to be respectful. Liv and Maddie teaches kids to act like a bunch of dimwits and not act cool. What's worse is that it mainly encourages pre-teenage girls watching the show to imitate those poorly developed characters to wear skimpy clothing and have a sassy attitude towards others.

I'm pretty sure it's the other way around. While gravity falls has strong characters, liv and maddie have a bunch of stereotypical Disney teen characters. - Therandom

Kids, don't do cocaine or you'll end up like Disney1994. - TheYoshiPyro64

Lol, you can't really say anything about it being mean-spirited since you like Chicken Little, the most mean-spirited Disney movie of all time.

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9 The list claims Liv and Maddie is a comedy even though the show is a crime drama
10 Liv and Maddie made 65 episodes in three years while Gravity Falls only made 40 in FOUR years.

Ever heard about SwagFlicks teaching me an important lesson to know? That lesson was called quality over quantity. Wanna know why I think Fate/Zero is better than any long-running shonen anime such as Naruto? Let me tell you: it's because 25 episodes of high-quality from Fate/Zero are much more worth watching than simply 220 episodes of simple high-quantity from Naruto (but I'm not saying it's bad). Same thing applies to you with Liv and Maddie and Gravity Falls. Gravity Falls may not have as much episodes as Liv and Maddie, but it's because more time and effort is put into making episodes of Gravity Falls more than episodes of Liv and Maddie that Gravity Falls has episodes with higher quality than Liv and Maddie. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm not a Gravity falls fan or a Liv and Maddie fan but how does that make Liv and Maddie better? It's just like saying that Teletubbies made 365 episodes in 4 years while Drake and Josh only made 53 episodes in 3 years. Even if that show doesn't have that many episodes at least Dan Schneider took his time to make the episodes good. Same thing with Icarly. Even though Icarly made 107 episodes in 6 years,the writers put more time and effort into making those episodes. Not lets just say that Liv and Maddie didn't put much more effort into making those episodes,which is true. It may have more episodes than Gravity falls,but the good news is that Gravity falls took more time making their episodes. Even though I don't watch any of those shows,I do believe that Gravity falls is better because it took it's time making it's episodes.

So? That just proves that Gravity Falls takes more time on their episodes and therefore the episodes have MUCH better quality. - NotYoursTruly

Quantity =/= Quality - shawnmccaul22

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11 Liv and Maddie has great episodes and lots of heart. Gravity Falls has nothing but Illuminati and a cringeful cancerous fandom.

"Satanic" "Illuminati" "Scary" Dude, this list has terrible reasoning, even though I'm not a fan of either. - Elina

All Liv and Maddie episode titles are Random Word-a-Rooney. I mean like come on! Rooney is the stupidest last name I ever heard.

I think that should be reversed. Gravity Falls has a very generous kind fandom, Liv and Maddie has a cancerous cringey fandom.

Watch Weirdmaggedon and please go ahead and TELL ME it doesn't have heart. - NotYoursTruly

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12 Liv and Maddie are more likeable protagonists than Dipper and Mabel.

Heh, at least Dipper and Mabel don't whine and complain all the time. On the bright side they both go on amazing adventures involving different characters who have historic past story telling to be explained and how mystery is solved. In contrast, Liv and Maddie are both uninspiring and insipid.

Liv and Maddie: Blonde sister stereo types that fight over men. Dipper and Mable: Brother and sister that like mystery and adventure. I clearly disagree Mabel and Dipper are more likeable protagonists.

Dipper and mable are likeable and funny, liv and maddie are bratty stereotypes. - Therandom

Liv and Maddie Are Brats, Dipper And Mabel Are Cool - VideoGamefan5

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13 Liv and Maddie has catchy songs with positive messages like "What a Girl Is" while Gravity Falls doesn't even have so much as an actual theme song.

Who needs a cliche song like "What a Girl Is" when you can just listen to some good old tunes? I like Ed, Edd n Eddy's theme song since I like the jazz music and whistling in the intro that fits the tone of the show, and it doesn't have singing in it. Same thing goes for Gravity Falls with its epic intro. Now I would respect your opinions on these two shows, but your reasons on this list are all invalid and poorly supported. Gosh, you need to take a debate class! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Uh, it does have a theme song. Just because there's no singing doesn't mean there's no theme song(as there's music). - Therandom

(John Cena comes in) are you sure about that. - Danguy10

Pardon me, but a single episode of Gravity Falls has more positive messages than 3-4 of Liv and Maddie's "songs." - NotYoursTruly

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14 Liv and Maddie is cute and optimistic. Gravity Falls is ugly and satanic.

Last I checked Gravity Falls wasn't ugly or satanic, Disney is worse then my old account (Jeffery0206) my god I can't even take this list seriously! Not to mention this list is nothing but garbage. Liv and Maddie is the opposite of cute it's bland and boring. Gravity Falls relies on creativity and mystery and it succeeds at both.

Oh my God! You are much worser than the people who hates heavy metal. - Metalmaniakkk

No it's not. And you like the movie Chicken Little which is mean-spirited as well. So, you can't really say much about Gravity Falls being mean-spirited.

Proof that Liv and Maddie is evil.
1. Remove the and
2. Switch their names around. You now have "Maddie Liv"
3. Reverse their names. You now have "Eiddam Vil"
4. Throw away the two D's on Eiddam. You now have Eiam.
5. Take the E off Eiam and stick it on to Vil.
6. Separate the "I" and "am"
7. You now have "I am evil". Liv and Maddie is evil.
(This is a joke, by the way) - Cartoonfan202

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15 Gravity Falls got cancelled earlier than Liv and Maddie did.

Gravity Falls wasn't cancelled, Disney wanted it to keep going and stretched out season two to negotiate more episodes. Alex chose to end it because the story was over. Which is a really important disctinction because he actually had to fight the network to end the show. (google Gravity Falls Cancelled and you get "gravity falls finished" or "gravity falls ending" or "gravity falls not cancelled, no season 3") - keycha1n

Is this really a valid reason? Cause it seems to me that you're butthurt.

What keycha1n said. - Therandom

And? - AnonymousChick

16 Gravity Falls is overrated, while Liv and Maddie is underrated.

This proves Disney is hypocritical. He claims people are stupid for saying frozen is overrated as a reason why it sucks(which is valid), yet he says the same thing about gravity falls right here. - Therandom

I don't hate Gravity Falls, but I do personally think the show is kind of overrated. But Liv and Maddie is much worse.

IT's the other away around, man. - Powerfulgirl10

17 They both suck

I don't care too much for Gravity Falls, but I would prefer it over Liv & Maddie.

18 Gravity Falls has effort. However, you can't say the same thing about Liv and Maddie.
19 Dipper and Mabel aren't stereotypical dumb blondes unlike Liv and Maddie.
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1. Liv and Maddie are retarded, Dipper and Mabel are not
2. Liv and Maddie are whiny little pukes so much that they make bad episodes of cartoons look good.
3. Liv and Maddie has a ton of stereotypes, Gravity Falls does not
1. Liv and Maddie are retarded, Dipper and Mabel are not
2. Liv and Maddie are whiny little pukes so much that they make bad episodes of cartoons look good.
3. Liv and Maddie has a ton of stereotypes, Gravity Falls does not
1. Liv and Maddie are more likeable protagonists than Dipper and Mabel.
2. It's not Liv and Maddie that's creepy, disturbing and downright demented, it's Gravity Falls.
3. Gravity Falls is much more mean-spirited than Liv and Maddie.

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