Top Ten Reasons Why the List "Reasons Why Gravity Falls is Better Than Teletubbies" is Inaccurate

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1 Teletubbies is good for little children. Gravity Falls is not, because it's way too scary.

The fact that a 21 year old is scared of a cartoon is laughable. - EpicJake

It doesn't even look scary. Plus, Teletubbies is BAD for little children. Get your facts straight. - Powerfulgirl10

Ha! You're a scaredy-egg - Neonco31

Actually, Teletubbies is not good for children because it encourages children to speak gibberish, which could make them fall behind in their language development.

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2 It's not Teletubbies that's creepy, disturbing and downright demented, it's Gravity Falls.

Well, I thought he would do this, now he has. - Skullkid755

You Know What? Close Your Account! I Made The Original List, I Have Friends That Can Defend Me - VideoGamefan5

Yeah... My Name's AldoFitrian. I defend Mr. VideoGamefan5 because Teledummies just give your mind and you become crazy. - AldoFitrian

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3 Teletubbies is kind-hearted, while Gravity Falls is mean-spirited.

You like Chicken Little and That's mean spirted - Discord1

You are hate Harvey Beaks and neutral over My Little Pony: is Magic and those are kind hearted. - Discord1

You Like Chicken Little Yet Its Mean Spirited You Hypocrite Dumb@$$ - VideoGamefan5

Grrr... Teledummies are dumb, evil and heartless aliens. - AldoFitrian

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4 Gravity Falls is overrated, while Teletubbies is underrated.

Teletubbies is too overrated, champ. - Powerfulgirl10

Actually they're both kinda equal - Metalmaniakkk

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5 Teletubbies doesn't have a cringeful cancerous fandom.

Actually, it does. And you're one of them. - NikBrusk

Um, yes it does. There are pornos of them. (Just look it up if you're brave enough, I don't know what made me do that.) - Powerfulgirl10

No, because I've hardly met anyone who likes Teletubbies. - TheYoshiPyro64

It seems that you may even be the leader of that fandom - Nateawesomeness

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6 Teletubbies is funnier.

I find neither of them funny. Gravity Falls has its chuckles and same with teletubbies (when I used to watch it) but as a whole neither of them are really funny. - Metalmaniakkk

More like "Teletubbies is cheesier." - Powerfulgirl10

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7 Teletubbies is actually educational, Gravity Falls is not.

Gravity Falls isn't supposed to be educational, you idiot. - NikBrusk

Um, yeah it is! It's great to learn about cowering, bad language, and porn jokes! (Sarcasm) - Powerfulgirl10

Actually, neither of them are educational. - anonygirl

Educational=bad show

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8 The Teletubbies are cute while the characters in Gravity Falls are ugly.

I think you need to get glasses Disney1994

No. The Teletubbies are creepy (dang look at the baby ones! ) while Gravity Falls characters look original (they're not even ugly! ). - Powerfulgirl10

You Need Glasses - VideoGamefan5

You lost it - BoyGenius234

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9 Teletubbies made 365 episodes in four years while Gravity Falls only made 40.

Does that seriously make Teletubbies better? One thing you need to improve: reasoning. - EpicJake

That's basically like saying the Nazis were good because they killed 6 million Jews during a four year period. - SwagFlicks

Quality Over Quantity! - Neonco31

That proves nothing except the fact that Gravity Falls actually takes time on making their episodes. - NotYoursTruly

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10 The Teletubbies are more likeable than Dipper or Mabel.

How Are 4 Stupid Fat@$$es More Likable? - VideoGamefan5

I really hate this Mr. Disney1994. I watched the Gravity Falls. The Gravity Falls is better than the Teledummies. - AldoFitrian

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11 Teletubbies is for Babies While Gravity Falls is for All Ages

True. - Powerfulgirl10

Wow - Neonco31

12 The Teletubbies Speak Gibberish While The Gravity Falls Characters Speak English

Gibberish is a bad language, but English is a good language. - Powerfulgirl10

13 Teletubbies is overrated while Gravity Falls is underrated
14 Teletubbies Has a Bad Fandom While Gravity Falls Doesn't
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