Top Ten Reasons Why the List Reasons Why Japanese Anime Is Worse Than American Cartoons Is Wrong


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1 DBZ is the Only Good Anime

Obviously the creator of that list didn't do his homework there are thousands of great anime series besides Dragon Ball Z. - egnomac

Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, many others that I would say if I knew anime! - SwagFlicks

That is completely wrong! It Obvious this list creator is either an anime hater or oblivious! There are THOUSANDS, THOUSAND of AWESOME anime! That is all

Naruto one piece fairy tail soul eater Fullmetal alchemist Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood

Try Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It's phenomenal.

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2 Bad Storylines

The story lines of cartoons are bad and two-dimensional. Anime actually has great, interesting storylines.

The storylines of cartoons aren't bad. They are just basic and simple not counting series like Avatar which has a continuous plot.

Remind me why people compare anime to cartoons, because to be honest, it's a joke comparison. Even as someone who doesn't watch anime, I can tell they are often two different things. - Swellow

Than why is Naruto so popular

Not really. the exact opposite

3 Horrible Animation

You want horrible animation look at Clutch Cargo, Johnny Test, Home Movies, Mega Babies, Uncle Grandpa, & Adventure Time all with awful animation. - egnomac

Actually, the older Adventure Time: with Finn and Jake episodes had great animation. - Spokane

Adventure time doesn't even have that bad animation

You guys do know there's a difference between art style and animation right? Animation is the way that characters move, art style is the way that characters are drawn. The fact that theat plenty of you couldn't tell the difference is proof that you are just mindless anime fans.

Adventure Time and Uncle Grandpa have great animation, actually.

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4 The List Was Created By Another Anime-Hater
5 Repetitive

I would like to know how much anime the people that say American cartoons are better than Japanese anime have seen before they go dissing on anime, and if you say it's not worth watching check again because it is. (But that's for you to decide)

There are a few that are repetitive but that's only a small part of them a lot of other animes are very original. - egnomac

Nope, nope, nope American Cartoons are the repetitive ones, Watch Phineas and Ferb, Breadwinners, or Johnny Test - BangkokIsFunny

Those are episodic, try using an example that actually has a plot.

6 Fanboy/Fangirls

Anime fans are better than Bronies.

I disagree with the comment about bronies and otakus, because I happen to be both. But I will say that fans of American cartoons tend to get more dirty with their opinions and fanart.

7 Big Eyes

American cartoons like South Park, The Simpsons, and SpongeBob SquarePants also have characters with big eyes too.

There aren't so many anime characters with big eyes but those that do the big eyes actually make sense on them and American cartoons have more characters with big eyes than anime.

I've never seen any anime with that big eyes, the other way though there's too much!

The big eyes in anime is not even a bad thing. - PeeledBanana

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8 No Humour

WRONG. They are funny. they're not just fart jokes. And "only idiots like cartoons"? What about the person who judges people by what kind of animation they watch? Everybody relax. We all have our own opinions. - Garythesnail

The action that anime puts into itself more than enough makes up for it's lack of humor

Society says that anime is for children and yet they watch all those reused jokes and cheesy disney movies over and over again. We anime fans have a right to judge them!

If you have the right to judge us, then we have the right to judge you. - nintendofan126

If society says "anime is for children" why are some anime rated "18 and above" or "adult" and adults watch them!

The old episodes of SpongeBob are way funnier than any anime you've ever watched in your life

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9 People Love SpongeBob

What Does this have to do with Why Japanese Anime is Worse Than American Cartoons. - egnomac

This has to do with anything how? The first 4 seasons were amazing either way. - Garythesnail

It has to do with it because this is the cartoon that most anime compare their animes to

NOT a valid reason. It doesn't have anything to do with anime. SpongeBob isn't an anime - 906389

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10 Stupid anime haters

The thing is: Anime and Cartoons are the same thing. Just that one is from Japan, and one is from America. So why is everyone complaining?

People are forgetting that anime is the Japanese cartoon style. - FennikenFan9

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11 Too Much Fan service

I've seen more inappropriate fan service in Adventure Time than No Game No Life.

Not every anime has this

Just jealous anime is more popular

Too much fan service?
Cartoons have a lot of fan service too ya know

12 They don't even give anime a chance

The one who sits next to me at school says she hates anime and when I ask her if she has watched any, she says no. She just hates them because she thinks that anime are bad and 'just for kids'even before she sees one. - Goku02

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13 Naruto is one of the best anime

Because of Madara, he makes the anime interestingvand keeps it worth watching

14 They Said That Anime Characters Have No Personality

Wrong. They usually have a lot more personality than phineas and ferb, Johnny test, etc, etc. - FennikenFan9

But not more personality than Avatar: The Last Airbender characters - PeeledBanana

Even Kirito and Eren have more personality than Phineas and Ferb!

15 Most of the list's arguments were invalid and or biased.

Just like this list, too. - Swellow

16 It's not pornographic
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