Top Ten Reasons Why the List "Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Better Than the Beatles" Is Inaccurate

This list is completely inaccurate. I'm not trying to offend you JustinBieberLover, but the reasons on that list are just stupid.

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1 It calls the Beatles bad

This item really got me upset. - CartoonsGirl

Thank you for making this list. The other one was making me feel sick. - BKAllmighty

I might not be a big fan of The Beatles but they have talent even if their music is not to my taste. Justin Bieber on the other hand has no talent (the only good song he released is Love Yourself). But I hate him mostly because of his attitude and personality more then for his terrible music.

That's crazy - PeeledBanana

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2 It says that Justin is perfect

If Justin Bieber was "perfect", something is seriously wrong with society. - Turkeyasylum

Not in a million years. - Minecraftcrazy530

Well, whoever made that list was a retard. - AnonymousChick

Justin is really best and perfect no one like him in whole world...

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3 It's mostly based on looks

To give my own rating of both artists:

The Beatles are an undeniable 4/5. They are heavily overrated and have a lot of bad songs (She Loves You, Revolution 9, etc.) but they are in general a quality group.

Justin Bieber is easily a 2/5. He has pipes, but his voice was too shrill/is too breathy to make use of it, and he's generally mediocre all around. - WonkeyDude98

Does that determine anything? No! - Minecraftcrazy530

You don't need good looks to sing well - Animefan12

The Beatles are much more attractive than that least were

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4 It says that nobody likes the Beatles

The Beatles are the best-selling artists in history! Look it up on wikipedia! Stupid retards, Justin is a scumbag - sryanbruen

That is not true. The Beatles are the best selling band. - Pony

I dare the person who put that on the list to say that to their millions of fans. - SoraWolf

I love them and plus they sold millions of records worldwide since they first appeared. They are one of the greatest music artists in music history - Neonco31

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5 It says more people like Justin

Most of the world hates him. Especially this site. - Minecraftcrazy530

He is famous and recognized for having a terrible attitude and being a douche - idontknow

Most people prefer the Beatles, like me.

Really? Because last I checked, 80% of the world hates him and The Beatles is the best-selling band of all time.

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6 It says that Justin is talented

Screw Beliebers they have no brains at all!

The only talent he has is brainwashing fangirls.

No. He's not. Very untalented. - SwagFlicks

NO! BIEBER IS A SHT. - waraypiso

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7 It claims that the Beatles don't write their own songs

Ironically, they did, and Bieber doesn't. - PetSounds

Have you not heard that Justin doesn't write his own songs? - Minecraftcrazy530

That list is another prime example that you can't believe everything you read. - Billyv

Yes they do! Leave John, Paul, George and Ringo alone!

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8 Justin uses Autotune, but Beatles don't

He probably needs it, because otherwise his voice would be a cross between the Stig and Howard Wolowitz's mother. He obviously thought the voice he has now would be better than the Stig and Howard Wolowitz's mother, but boy was he wrong!

That's because autotune wasn't around when The Beatles were playing. And honestly, it only make the person who is singing sound bad if the person singing has a bad voice. I didn't see anything bad from Justin's voice, so he's not a bad singer. #THATPOWER destroyed his voice though, although that was Will.I.Am's fault. - SwagFlicks

But autotune never existed in 1963. - naFrovivuS

U don't need autotune to make this.

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9 A reason on that list says that Justin has abs

That isn't a reason at all! - Minecraftcrazy530

NOT a valid reason. This reason is stupid - 906389

I have abs and I was kinda hated in my old school. - AlphaQ

There's more to judging two people than the music they make. The reason is valid, even if Bieber might be ann uglytard. - ProPanda

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10 It says that Justin loves his fans

He has spit on them and he called one of them a bleached whale. He loves them alright. - Minecraftcrazy530

He called a fan a whale. Does that mean that he loves his fans? He hates his fans. I can tell. - EpicJake

That jerk spits his fans, this is so mean. - 05yusuf09


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11 Justin Bieber stole his "look" from Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits, who stole their "look" from the Beatles

So even Bieber's looks are not original.

No he didn't! More fake rumors!

Check out any video of Hermans Hermits on YT, like the song Mrs. Browns Daughter, it is scary how much JB looks exactly like the lead singer.

OH. FK AND KILL BIEBER - waraypiso

12 It makes everyone mad

I could make a list about why the Beatles is bad and make all these elaborate reasons for it, but if it gets everyone mad it's inaccurate. M'k hon. - WonkeyDude98

13 It claims that Justin can dance

The Beatles didn't need to dance to be popular. - ThePwoperMuser101

Laughing my butt off! - Darellfat

Chris Brown is pretty good at dancing but his singing is wack. - AlphaQ


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14 The Beatles are a band. Justin is a solo singer

Being a band means they can put more effort into their songs and use many different instruments at once. Being a musician is more than just singing and having good looks. - Erikelelf

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15 It claims Justin Bieber almost killed someone by driving drunk

He also came very close to killing a child while driving recklessly.

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16 The Beatles paid their dues...JB didn't

To be fair... Bieber would've been another lost soul in the internet if he hadn't been randomly found. So technically, he did have low odds to be recognized, along with the idea that Scooter Braun might've not liked him. I get how hard work is idolized, but at least The Beatles had a relatively higher chance of being found than Justin. This point is highly invalid. - SwagFlicks

The Beatles worked hard to get to the top without the internet, auto tune or any of that!

The Fab Four worked hard to make it to the big time! - mdb517

17 The Beatles have creativity, Bieber doesn't

'I am the walrus' is a very creative song!

Dam right they do!

18 It tries to make Beatles fans feel bad

This list then tries to make Justin feel bad, if we're using this abysmal logic. - SwagFlicks

I am a Beatles fan and I just ignore all of those dumb reasons! 😜

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20 The Beatles didn't go drag racing, Justin did
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