Reasons Why the List "Reasons Why Modern SpongeBob is Better Than My Little Pony:friendship is Magic" is Wrong

Sorry to offend you ECS but this list is full of flaws. Here are the explenations

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1 Being Girly doesn't make My Little Pony bad

What kind of list is this?!

Boys watched PPG so can't they enjoy the same thing? - Neonco31

2 It compares an episode about suicide to a great episode

One Coarse Meal is awful.-Vestalis

3 Mr. Krabs is by no inch better than the worst Character in My Little Pony

Even the worst Diamond Tiara actually did good compared to Krabs who is COMPLETELY SELFISH! - Neonco31

4 Spongebob has gone downhill since 2004

MLP became a big hit since 2010 and is still on the go. Spongebob is sadly ending somewhere in 2019 - Neonco31

5 My Little Pony has a bigger fanbase

Spongebob was on steep down since 2004 - Neonco31

6 My Little Pony has variety
7 My Little Pony has better morals

You want to be dirty? Watch "Battle of Bikini Bottom" and think about being assertive in "Putting your Hoof Down" - Neonco31

8 My Little Pony didn't use gore or suicide jokes in it's episodes
9 My Little Pony isn't that bad

And the hatebase made up everything in crap? - Neonco31

10 Some grown men still watch Spongebob

My Little Brony

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