Top Ten Reasons Why the List "Reasons Why SpongeBob Is Better Than Arthur" Is Inaccurate


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1 Spongebob went downhill. Arthur didn't

Actually, Arthur did, when it became flash animated, then the characters' personalities changed and they act stupid now, and the plot became repetitive, it's not good anymore.

And Arthur just planned canceled also

The only reason it didn't go downhill is because it was never good! HAHA! > - Goatworlds

Actually I like both shows! - TheMuslimMemer

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2 Arthur is actually memorable

No it's not,I forgot about Arthur the day after I watched it,

I just remembered about this show when I saw this list, wait, WHO STOKE MY JOKE DRUM - Nateawesomeness

3 D.W. is smarter than Patrick

Since when does being smarter make you worse? If you think that it does, you're sadly mistaken. Intelligence helps you get through life whereas ignorance endangers life.

Now D.W. maybe a jerk at times. But Patrick's a much bigger jerk than her due to his extreme insensitivity and inconsideration. Hell, he could lead you to your doom if you follow him.

Me scrolling through list: no spongebob is better...saw this:LOL never thought of that!

Smarter isn't bad, but SpongeBob> arthur

But D.W is worse and Spongebob is smarter than D.W - Drawbox

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4 Arthur is mature

The one who said that mature people suck is a liar. Being immature sucks and being mature is awesome.

Man miture people suck,and that's why I always was a fan of Patrick star

but boring - Nateawesomeness

5 Seasons Six and Seven of Spongebob are bad

I though we're giving Arthur the bad side!

Kudos to whoever did this! I literally busted out laughing!

UniCupcake(if you've been on any lists comparing Liv and Maddie and Gravity Falls, look for me).

6 Buster isn't annoying

But Gary is better

I know,but Gary will still be funnier

True, but still, Gary is better - Nateawesomeness

7 The characters of Arthur have a lot of depth and they're likeable

They like SpongeBob more,Arthur does nothing but smarts,and SpongeBob is very random,which is entertaining

Everyone in TheTopTens:SpongeBob > Arthur(which means TopTenners prefer SpongeBob over arthur - Nateawesomeness

8 It doesn't teach kids to argue and be mean

What's wrong with being a nerd, Nateawesomeness? Without nerds, Earth will still be stuck either in the Middle Ages or ancient times. Hell, you won't be able to do well in life without nerds and if all you care about is having fun.

If I didn't no better, I'd say that you're one of those jocks or other bullies who pick on nerds for fun. Well, how would you like it if you're a nerd and you get picked on because of it?

I have a piece of advice that I found the Web. And that advice for you is this:

"Be nice to nerds because you could end up working them one day."

So,it's called personality,deal with it

But it teaches kids how to be a boring bum, pongeBobs teaches you how to be a good friend, and how to have fun, and how to love everything - Nateawesomeness

9 SpongeBob was good when it was the first three seasons

No it wasn't people need to change and understand that not everything has to be like olden times. Even the computer/tablet/phone you are writing on had required someone to change, big time. So next time you say only the first three seasons are good, go on YouTube, Netflix or whatever and try to watch the newer episodes, and maybe you'll see that not everything old is good and that not everthing new is bad. Plus, I don't know about you, but I'd rather watch the newer graphics than some of the less good graphics. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

True, a lot of the new episodes are bad. They are going uphill again, luckily!

Arthur's boring altogether, SpongeBob's awesome.

10 It's actually watchable

It Was until the flash animation version started, and at the same time, the characters started acting stupid and the plot became repetitive.

SpongeBob is to,if it wasn't it wouldn't be famous you dumass

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11 Girls think Spongebob is BOYS ONLY!

Arthur is for idiots!

Anyone can love any non evil show.

Only boys seem to like SpongeBob, anyone could be like Arthur, boy OR girl!

I have met girls who like spongebob. This item is innaccurate

12 Arthur is educational
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