Reasons Why the List Ways to Kill Sunny Leone is the Worst List Ever

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1 It's Offensive

You got offended by jokes? Hypersensitive enough.

2 Stupid Ways

The ways listed are hilarious!

3 You Can End Up in Jail for Killing Someone

Says the guy who sends threats. Don't get me wrong, you're no threat, but still, you're a hypocrite. - Therandom

So? Jokes are jokes. Nobody is going to take that list seriously except for idiots.

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4 It's Immature

Well,you can't take that joke,so who's immature now? - SamuiNeko

5 It's Evil
6 Killing is Wrong

I don't believe in right and wrong. Killing isn't always bad. If you kill for a good reason, then it's fine. But remember, that list was meant to be a JOKE.

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7 If Sunny Leone Does Get Murdered People Will Blame Others On This Site.

That is idiocy. Read the terms of service and explain this to me.

8 It's As Bad As Sending Someone Death Threats

Senting?! Are you kidding me?! Also you sent death threats to people before you hypocrite. Also your grammar is atrocious - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Just like what the creator of this list did to someone else on the site.

That's just a joke,and plus,your the one who's notorious for sending death threats. - SamuiNeko

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