Top Ten Reasons Why the List "Why Justin Bieber Is a Better Rapper Than Kendrick Lamar" Is Dumb


The Top Ten

1 Kendrick Is Way Better

It's really stupid to say Justin Bieber can even rap! However to compare him with a real rapper - Musicislife

2 Kendrick Makes Rap Music

'enough said - cojomojo992

3 He Doesn't Have 10 Year Old Girls Who Are His Fans

Well, you do know when Kendrick is really popular, there is 10 year old fangirls, right? - Mumbizz01

4 The Song "I"
5 The Person Was Probably a Bieber Fan
6 JB's Only Rap Song Was Bad
7 The Person Was a Hater

Heed Kendrick's warning when speaking of haters: "Cliché, then say, f*** your haters"

8 KL Is Better Than Rick Ross
9 KL Is a New Rapper

Kendrick's first release was back in 2003, I don't see how that's new. - Lasvegasxavier

His first studio album was 2011...

10 SelfDestruct Made It

I havnt heard of this Kendrick guy but still. I don't really like SelfDestruct. - RiverClanRocks

The Contenders

11 KL Is the New 2pac
12 Justin Bieber is Not a Rapper
13 Justin Can't Rap Well

I rather listen to this real rapper way better than Justin Bieber. - waraypiso

14 Kendrick Writes Inspiring Lyrics, Whereas All Justin Does is Whine About a Girl and Her Body
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