Top 10 Inaccuracies on the List "Worst Things About TheTopTens Users"

This has to be one of the few hypocritical and inaccurate lists on TTT I've seen.

The Top Ten

1 Most of the points on the list were very hypocritical.

That list had so many hypocritical points that tearing them apart one by one would kinda be pointless. Still thought it had a lot of hypocritical.

2 It makes false generalizations/ stereotypes about users on TheTopTens
3 The list had points that focused on bashing users without proving their point half of the time.

This one's explanatory.

4 The list had reasoning that was full of holes.

Go to the list and you'll see for yourself.

5 "They Are Making This Website Bad"

I'm quite sure the only people making this website bad are trolls.

6 "They Lie About Things"

What do we lie about? Yet another moronic point on that list.

7 "They Hate Everything You Like and Like Everything You Hate"

So what? Opinions isn't really something bad about users on this site.

8 "They Are Jealous of Any Other User"

This point on the list was complete bulls*** if you ask me.

9 "They Hate Things For Stupid Reasons"

No, people have their reasons to hate things and they aren't "stupid"

10 "They are Hypocrites"

No, the person who made that list was a hypocrite.

That guy is a hypocrite - Neonco31

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