Top 10 Reasons Why Liv & Maddie and the Loud House are the Worst Shows on Their Networks


The Top Ten

1 Both have disgusting toilet humor

"I WANNA KNOW WHY I CAN'T POOP WITH THE DOOR OPEN!? " and the baby poops more than a real life baby! - TheLoudHouseSucks

2 Both are over-stereotyped

Both have the dumb blonde(s) and the tomboy(s) - TheLoudHouseSucks

3 Both have ugly characters

Not all loud house characters are ugly, just some like Lincoln and Liv and Maddie are both super ugly. - TheLoudHouseSucks

4 Both don't have similar characteristics to the parents

How does Lincoln have white hair and the rest have brown/blonde hair? And what about Lucy Loud? Does she dye her hair? What about Liv and Maddie's parents, huh? Their parents both have dark hair and Parker and Joey have dark hair but the twins have blonde hair... This is making me so confused! All I know is that someone hasn't been loyal! - TheLoudHouseSucks

5 Because they are aired on 2 of the worst channels

No offense, but you insulted my favorite channels. - AinezoChan

Disney is known these days to have live-action shows that sucks and Nickelodeon is known for being so disgusting. Cartoon Network is okay in my opinion, just get rid of TTG and UG and they will be fine. - TheLoudHouseSucks

6 Both have dumb theme songs

Loud House tries so hard to be rock music but they fail miserably. Dove Cameron wants to be Ariana Grande so bad, she can't even sing, hell, both Ariana Grande and Dove Cameron can't sing. - TheLoudHouseSucks

7 Both lack diversity

Whoever said TLH fans should kill themselves is an opinion basher and needs to hang themself on a noose.

I am Mexican-American, I would like to see more Mexican characters (Go away, Dora! ) in more shows including all minorities. Liv and Maddie has mostly white people in it but nothing against white people. The Loud House has some diversity but not that much. - TheLoudHouseSucks

The Loud House is racist. In one episode they made fun of Mexicans. Anyone who likes The Loud House should commit suicide.

8 Most of the girl characters on both shows look like sticks but yet have big blow pop lollipop heads
9 Both have the most selfish characters
10 Both fight for the stupidest reasons
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