Top Ten Reasons Why Lizardking's Hair Is Much Nicer Than Justin Bieber's

Hold on before you start cursing another JB comparison list - Someone made a comment that was a bit insulting and rude to my Friend. So there's legitimate cause for this list and title.
Please don't "fight me" on this, dear lady 😉

The Top Ten

1 Her hair is beautiful
2 Her hair is connected to a much nicer and healthier body and mind
3 Her hair is extremely well-cared for

One of her first messages to me was, "brb I have to blow dry my hair." - PetSounds

4 Her hair is much more talented

How her hair can be talented?

5 Her hair is vibrant
6 Her hair is styled to express much more personality
7 Her hair is even better than sam malone's or fonzie's

Oh my god lol
This list is perfect
The Fonz is my hair role model lmao - LizardKing99

8 Her hair is attractive
9 She and her hair sing pleasantly

I'm sure it does. - IronSabbathPriest

10 Her hair is as adorable as her wonderful spirit and personality
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