Reasons Why Looney Tunes Is Better Than the Looney Tunes Show


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1 Looney Tunes is More Classic
2 Looney Tunes is Older

So You're Saying It Was Better Because It's Older? Stupidest Reason Ever Period.

The Looney Tunes has been around ever since 1929. Cartoon Network and Boomerang should do more reruns of the Looney Tunes so that children can see what they were or are missing out on while watching junk like Clarence or other CN shows that are terrible.

Crap is older than looney tunes. Is crap better?

Yes, actually. Taking one is quite a relief and giving one can be helpful - Billyv

3 In the Show, Bugs Lives In a House and Not a Hole
4 Mel Blanc Is a Better Voice Actor
5 Elmer Fudd Does Not Like Rabbits, He Likes Grilled Cheese

That's Looney Tunes Show stupid moron

6 Yosomite Sam Does Not Fit the Setting On the Show
7 Gossamer Talks Like a Girl and Is Not Fierce Like In "Hair Raising Hair"
8 Looney Tunes Is Funnier

That's True It Was Funnier Than The Looney Tunes Show That Was Always True Maybe Even Before The Show Came Out, It Might've Even Been Funnier Than The Baby Looney Tunes.

I saw the looney tunes show and could not watch it as all they do is gossip and chat like teenage and old girls. So annoying. I miss the action that Looney Tunes provided.

This and Mel Blanc as a better voice actor being a close second: better writing and truer to original characterizations are also good reasons. - Billyv

True. Do a list of Looney Tunes is better than baby looney tunes

9 Tina Is Annoying
10 They Are All In Love

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11 The Looney Tunes Show Is Missing Looney Tunes Cartoon Violence/ Slapstick And Comedy

All Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck do is...
1. Face Boring Problems Instead Of Funny Cartoon Problems (Like Tom trying to catch Jerry/ Porky tries to hunt down Daffy...).
2. They sit all day on their bums and gossip like girls. So annoying.
3. Lame
(You know it.)
4. Targeted only to Adults.
The Looney Tunes was a family cartoon. I can't even watch 2 minutes of The Looney Tunes Show without switching the channel.

Here are the list of shows compared from original shows to worst modern development of the other series and reboots:
Teen Titans = Teen Titans Go!
My Little Pony and Friends = My Little Pony Tales
PowerPuff Girls = PowerPuff Girls (2016)
The Muppet Show = The Muppets (2015)
Ben 10 = Ben 10 (2016)
Scooby Doo, Where Are You? = Be Cool Scooby Doo
Pokemon = Pokemon Sun and Moon
He-Man = The Adventures of He-Man (DIC)

12 Better Writing
13 Looney Tunes has Better Characterization
14 Better Animation
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1. Looney Tunes is Older
2. Looney Tunes is More Classic
3. Mel Blanc Is a Better Voice Actor
1. Looney Tunes is More Classic
2. Looney Tunes is Older
3. In the Show, Bugs Lives In a House and Not a Hole


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