Top Ten Reasons Why the Looney Tunes Show is Bad


The Top Ten

1 They Changed the Layout

It's a disgrace to looney tunes. Who thought of this?!? - AGK

2 Bad Character Attitudes
3 They Made Daffy Stupid


4 The New Voice Acting is Lame

I didn't like Lola's new voice.

5 Bugs Bunny Now Lives in a House, Not a Hole

That was the main transportation of the Bugs-era Looney Tunes. That's like removing ACME Rockets from Wile E, The Cars from Cars, The Karts From Mario Kart or THE STEAMBOAT FROM B&W MICKEY MERCH - Maddox121

6 Daffy Doesn't Do the Woohoo Laugh Anymore
7 It's a Disgrace to Warner Bros
8 Lack of Character Development
9 It's Not Funny
10 Cartoon Network Trashed It

The Contenders

11 Its Fanbase

It has a fanbase? WHY? - Lunala

I have seen a liked comment that says that Gravity Falls is very overrated and Regular Show is good (but overrated) and The Looney Tunes show should be number 1 on "Top Ten Underrated Shows from Nick, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Hub Network". WHY?! >:(

12 The Animation is Almost Always Off
13 Characters acting more human than a cartoon character
14 They Turned It Into A Sitcom

Now it’s pretty much Family Guy for little kids. - Lunala

15 It's about as defended as Obama
16 It's Comparable to the Sonic Fanbase
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1. They Changed the Layout
2. Bad Character Attitudes
3. They Made Daffy Stupid


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