Top 10 Reasons Why The Loud House is Better Than Teen Titans Go

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1 Nicer Characters V 1 Comment
2 Better Toilet Humor
3 More Popular
4 Better Animation
5 Rips Off Fewer Shows

I remember there was a Peanuts reference in the episode where Lynn takes over football for Lincoln, when Lincoln runs to kick the football but Lucy yanks it out of the way, but I'd call that a reference, not a ripoff.

I would actually call them references than rip-offs.

There are a couple 'Peanuts' ripoffs, but they're there because the Loud House's creator liked the sunday comics.

6 It Isn't a Reboot
7 Lincoln is a Better Leader Than Robin
8 Leni is a Better Dumb One Than Starfire

Leni's a better dumb one is because, despite being not that bright, she's still sweet, friendly, and has a heart of gold (the biggest example was in the episode "One Flu Over the Loud House"). She's also really cute, and her dumb moments are actually pretty funny.

Starfire, one the other hand, is really stupid in an unfunny way (hitting bad Disney sitcom standards) and even has a few mean-spirited moments (like when she beat up Jinx over a cat). On top of that, it's really annoying how she puts the word "The" in every sentence. I know she also did it in the original show, but in there it wasn't so over-the-top! She may not be "the" absolute worst character in TTG (she doesn't make me angry as both Robin and Raven does), but she's still a badly-written dumb character. In fact, Leni is really smart compared to her!

9 Lucy Loud is a Better Goth/Emo Than Raven
10 Fewer Stereotypes

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11 Funnier Jokes

When will TTG learn that making fun of its haters and critics is NOT a joke?

The reason why The Loud House's jokes are funnier than TTG's jokes is because they ACTUALLY are jokes! I even find Luan's pun funny (she reminds me of Fozzie Beat a little).

12 It's Not Stupid

When I watch TTG, I feel stupid. When I watch The Loud House, I actually feel entertained.

An IQ of zero

13 The Loud House has a Better Christmas Special

"11 Louds a Leapin'" was a much better Christmas special than TTG's abysmal "The True Meaning of Christmas" because it ACTUALLY knows the TRUE meaning of Christmas (that and it didn't crap on classic Christmas specials like how the Toddler Titans did)!

14 It Doesn't Make Fun of It's Haters V 1 Comment
15 It Doesn't Take Up Half of the Channel's Schedule
16 Better Writing
17 It's Less Mean-Spirited

Sure there are a few mean-spirited moments, but at least it's not ALWAYS mean-spirited (*cough* "High-Five" *cough*).

18 It actually has effort
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