Top 10 Reasons Why The Loud House and Teen Titans Go are Bad

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1 Both are disgusting

Loud House is still less gross - DCfnaf

Loud House is much less so.

This list is stupid.

Teen Titans Go? Absolutely. The Loud House? Ehhh, you might need to rethink that. - Gehenna

2 Both have very annoying characters

Sort of. - DCfnaf

3 Both are very overrated

What? Ok, I agree with TTG being real overrated. But Loud House is actually kinda underrated. It's for that reason that a huge Loud House fan base has developed. But once again, TTG is overrated.

1. Loud House is underrated

4 Both have weird animation

The loud house animation is way better than teen titans go and the loud house is better than teen titans go

Loud House is okay, TTG is not. - DCfnaf

Teen Titans Go! has bad animation, because it's flash animation is poor.
The Loud House has bad animation, because Chris Savino's the show's creator.

5 Both are over-aired

I agree with epictoonsfan1 - DCfnaf

Teen titans go is not loud house I will tellyou whats overaired nicks sicoms spongeboB gets 2 to 4 loud house gets 5 tl 6 th sitcoms get 6 to 9 - epictoonsfan1

6 Both are very close to being the mascots of their channels, which is somewhat not a good thing

That could be true for nick but not for CN - DCfnaf

Well I agree with Lincoln bein very close to spongebob as h mascot of Nick bjt artoon network doesn't have an ofical mascot yet - epictoonsfan1

7 The dark character is the best characters on both shows despite having slightly less attention than all the characters on both shows

Lucy is a good character. Raven is not.

Cyborg and Clyde are the best characters.

Lucy go an episde foused on her and another in season 2 - epictoonsfan1


8 Almost every character on both shows is very immature

Potty jokes and poor morals, anyone?

Not necessarily. I like the good messages behind The Loud House. I agree with TTG though. - DCfnaf

9 Both are over-stereotyped

Leni = Dumb blonde stereotype
Lori = Typical Teenager stereotype
Lucy = The goth
Lisa = The toddler who is actually the most intelligent (like Anais from Gumball)
Lana/Lynn = The tomboyish ones

Raven = The emo/goth one
Beast Boy/ Cyborg = The wild party animals who are best friends
Starfire = The alien who doesn't know much about Earth
Robin = The annoying one

Lincoln is a stereotype because he acts foolish, Leni acts like a blond stereotype and Lincolns sisters are stereotypes because they get annoyed with everything he does. Cyborg is a stereotype because he's so loud.

Wel Leni is the only setrotype however teen ttans go is over stereotyped - epictoonsfan1

10 Both have no good morals

Their morals are so bad, not only are they really bad, but overused as well.

It has moral lessons.
But the episode where they take a picture perfect.
Lesson:Being "perfect" may conceal the real personal you.

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11 Both take slots from all shows on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network

Spongebob is basically Nick. The Loud House is its secondary show. - DCfnaf

Well actually it only gets 1 hour of air time sponebob gets most of it - epictoonsfan1

12 Both are way too loud and fast

Now I know why they feel like Johnny Test all over again.

13 Both have horrible Christmas episodes

I especially hated "11 Louds A Leapin'".

What's wrong what "11 Louds a Leapin"?

14 Both have no dignity

They are worse than Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi and Camp Lazlo combined.

... *gives the comment above me the middle finger* ... - Gehenna

15 Both feel like SpongeBob clones

Why won't both shows die?

Well to be fair SpongeBob is basically Nick so The Loud House can't really take over the overplaying title that SpongeBob has been keeping for years while TTG yeah they basically started a new age of bad in Cartoon Network that carried into the godawful PPG reboot (RIP original Powerpuff Girls reruns. *cries*). - Anonymousxcxc

16 Both have the worst episodes ever
17 Both feel like American versions of Johnny Test

Yes, Supernoobs feels like Johnny Test all over again, but the Loud House and Teen Titans Go! are way worse than Johnny Test and Supernoobs.

18 Both have bad jokes

None of these two shows are any funny.

19 People will hate you for loving both
20 They have too much humor and unrealistic stuff

If you ask me, I take serious things over funny stuff any day. And that's why I favor the first Teen Titan show to be produced by Warners Bros. Animation over Teen Titans Go! and The Loud House.

21 Both are not funny
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