Top Ten Reasons Why Luigi Is the Best Video Game Character Ever

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1 He's the Smartest Video Game Character

Well, in Death Battle, Luigi faced another cowardly opponent, Tails. However, Tails knew right when Luigi was going to use a hammer, he shot The Handy Hand through his heart. Luigi would not of done that if they switched places. He would not of ended the fight by killing his opponent before he died. And this was for the Year Of Luigi, Luigi died to an equally cowardly, much smarter, fox. I think I've proven my point.

Replace luigi with solid snake and it would make this list make much more sense. - xandermartin98

Gordon Freeman is smarter, he is a scientist while Luigi is a plumber. - Skullkid755

Who made this list? Danteem?

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2 He's Not Overrated

He's underrated. Only people who have played M&L superstar saga or dream team know the truth. Luigi is a god. - Solacress

Sorry, But Luigi is very overrated. - nintendofan126

Luigi is your God, Danteem, you act like he can actually own Samus. Yet he can't.

Hello? He's on the list of overrated Mario characters for a reason... - Wereweegee

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3 He's the Strongest Video Game Character

I love Luigi, but no, he's nowhere close. Compare him to Kirby. Can he crack a planet in half with 1 punch? Can he throw a giant monster 30 times his size on a giant frying pan to the sun and back? Can he redirect a meteor using regular cannonballs? No. The most he lifted is a castle is Mario World. Nowhere near strongest.

I'm pretty sure whoever made this list has never heard of Shadow the Hedgehog the "Ultimate Life-form". - ThatOneRacer

Solid Snake can take out big groups of enemies and not get caught. Luigi gets killed by running into a turtle. - Skullkid755

Replace luigi with kratos and it would make this list make much more sense. - DapperPickle

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4 He Never Takes Drugs

What are you talking about! There are no drugs in the Mario universe you idiot! Mario doesn't even do drugs nor does luigi! Stop insulting Mario!

What? Nice try Game Theory fan.

Mario doesn't either. - Skullkid755

Mario eats 'shrooms that make him grow. Luigidoes that too - shawnmccaul22

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5 He Saves the Universe Countless Times

He saves nothing. Raiden from mortal Kombat does that, not Luigi. And Mario saves the universe, not Luigi. - Therandom

Oh really? Then why is it called Super MARIO Galaxy?

I think it was once. Or possibly twice...

Snake prevented a war,Master Cheif saved humanity, and Mario is the reason Luigi exists. - Skullkid755

6 He's the Cutest Video Game Character

Whoever says characters like Kirby are cuter don't know what they're talking about. - Solacress

Callie and Marie are way cuter.

Kirby is way cuter

Yoshi, Kirby, and Shy Guy are cuter...

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7 He Is Better Than Mario


Why, because Luigi is so amazing? He's not. Mario is much better.

Actually they're both better but Mario is way better

Luigi is inferior to Mario - TwilightKitsune

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8 He faced his fear of ghosts just to save Mario

he did.

It is true.

Only good reason here - Randomator

Only decent reason

9 He Is Useful In Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

Everyone needs to play this masterpiece of a game to realize how great luigi is. - Solacress

And he's not useful anywhere else.

He’s also useful in his own games (obviously), I think he has 5 games. And he’s also useful in Super Paper Mario because he was part of the Light/Dark prognosticus (I forget which one).

10 Green Is Awesome

This and number #7 are the only good reasons here, I prefer Luigi over Mario because he is green and blue (I love those colors together), but, still, I love Mario so much! - darthvadern

The fact he's my third favorite color doesn't mean anything. Besides, black and red are better.

Blue is better.

Blue and red are better. - Skullkid755

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11 Nobody is Ever Going to Do Better Than Him

Jigglypuff can kill him - TwilightKitsune

Hell, he is weak enough to struggle with holding a giant turnip.

My Wizard 101 avatar did better than him. - Skullkid755

They already did

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12 He's the Funniest Video Game Character

Little Jacob, Ryder, Roman, yep, Grand Theft Auto has funnier characters. - Skullkid755

Dante is funnier


Reyn from Xenoblade
GLaDOS from Portal
Handsome Jack from Borderlands
Papyrus/Sans from Undertale
Conker from Conker's Bad Fur Day
Lammy and Fussenpepper from Um Jammer Lammy
Pit, Palutena, Viridi and Hades in Kid Icarus: Uprising

Do you stand corrected yet? - xandermartin98

13 He Loves Daisy

So does her massive fanbase - ParkerFang

14 Luigi is Player One in Mansions Games

But almost nowhere else

15 Luigi has a Lovable Personality
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