Top Ten Reasons Why Luigi Needs to Be Playable in Super Mario Odyssey


The Top Ten

1 He has appeared more often in a lot of modern Mario games

I don't see why Luigi won't be in Odyssey - Luigibuscus

2 Everyone loves Luigi

Nintendo needs to listen to what the fans want. - Luigibuscus

Luigi is the best! LUIGI forever!

3 Multiplayer is confirmed for the game

Since Multiplayer is confirmed, then we should see Luigi in the game. - Luigibuscus

In the first look of the switch, it showed Mario odyssey in the video with two girls playing it at the same time, luigi needs to be that P2

4 Could have his own type of hats

Since it looks like hats will be the main focus of the game, maybe Luigi could have his own hats. - Luigibuscus

5 The fans want him

Tons of people go on about how they want to see Luigi in the game. - Luigibuscus

6 You could have another character to play as

The more, the merrier. Luigi is cool! - Luigibuscus

7 He could be used for certain levels

Similar to Mario 64 DS. - Luigibuscus

8 He could run quicker and jump higher then Mario

It's better to play as someone who is not all-around - Luigibuscus

9 Luigi is a good two-player option
10 There's no one else who would be playable other then Luigi
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