Top Ten Reasons Why Luigi Needs to Be Playable in Super Mario Odyssey


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1 Everyone loves Luigi

I see some Luigi haters so this isn't true - ParkerFang

Nintendo needs to listen to what the fans want. - Luigibuscus

I don't. I hate that overrated turd.

Luigi is the best! LUIGI forever!

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2 He has appeared more often in a lot of modern Mario games

I don't see why Luigi won't be in Odyssey - Luigibuscus

3 Multiplayer is confirmed for the game

Since Multiplayer is confirmed, then we should see Luigi in the game. - Luigibuscus

Only good reason on this list - Randomator

In the first look of the switch, it showed Mario odyssey in the video with two girls playing it at the same time, luigi needs to be that P2

Well, but it's with Mario and Cappy. I thought that 4-Player Multiplayer could work with Mario, Luigi and their perspective caps.

4 Could have his own type of hats

Actually, you could buy luigis clothes at the crazy cap for regular coins. If you ignore the lesser height, you could pretend to be luigi!

Since it looks like hats will be the main focus of the game, maybe Luigi could have his own hats. - Luigibuscus

5 The fans want him

Tons of people go on about how they want to see Luigi in the game. - Luigibuscus

6 You could have another character to play as

The more, the merrier. Luigi is cool! - Luigibuscus

7 He could be used for certain levels

Similar to Mario 64 DS. - Luigibuscus

8 He could run quicker and jump higher then Mario

It's better to play as someone who is not all-around - Luigibuscus

9 Luigi is a good two-player option

We could do multiplayer.

No thanks - WendyIsQueen

10 There's no one else who would be playable other then Luigi

*cough* *cough* Cappy.

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11 He and his perspective cap could make good four-player options

-_- switch can only 2 players play at the same time -_-

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