Reasons Why Luigi/Yoshi/Daisy Fans are Bad

If you're like me you hate Daisy,Luigi, and Yoshi fans. Here's why I hate them. If you an think of another reason, feel free to add one.

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1 They insult other people who don't like the characters

As a Yoshi fan myself I must say that this is true. I also agree with Luigi and Daisy especially - Wojt3kk777

Definitely. I used to like Yoshi but when he started to get more hated through the years, I followed suit and just say mean things about him now. - kdoraisamy23

If it also had Rosalina and Waluigi it was perfect... anyway totally going to vote for this especially for yoshi. - DaisyandRosalina

That's every fanbase, but Yoshi's fanbase is the worst with this. - DCfnaf

Rosalina and Wario fans are the worst just ask Wendy fans.

2 Luigi and Yoshi and Daisy are getting overrated



Yeah - Randomator


3 They are mean

Also Waluigi fans - Randomator

Mainly Daisy fans

Especially Luiasy fans

4 They make the characters overrated

Especially Luigi

Like Mario, Peach, Rosalina - ParkerFang

5 Daisy fans say that Rosalina replaced Daisy but she did not

It's borderline idiotic. Rosalina appears in most games with Daisy so it makes no sense. - DCfnaf

It's 2017 people still believe this? Wow, how desperate - DaisyandRosalina

So true - yunafreya648

6 Daisy is a spinoff character mainly and fans say she should be in SSB4

Why not? But not over Rosalina - DaisyandRosalina


7 The fanbases ruined the characters

Those Daisy fans won't even bother me because my love for her won't even interfere - ParkerFang

I still like all three characters, especially Luigi, but the fanbases are awful. - DCfnaf

Luigi especially

Yep - yunafreya648

8 Most Luigi fans are Game Theory fans

I HATE GAME THEORY! I'm a Luigi fan and I am not afraid to admit that Luigi's fanbase sucks!

Up to the mountaintop baby. Game Theory sucks. - DCfnaf

9 Luigi and Yoshi are getting more attention than Mario

It's called MARIO for a reason.

They aren't better - Randomator

They are better characters than Mario so I guess it makes sense. - DCfnaf

10 They can't accept that we all have opinions

It is so sad seeing Yoshi fans act like this - Wojt3kk777

I'm looking at you Yoshi fans - Randomator

*Cough * Waluigi *cough cough * - Randomator

Yoshi Fans especially. "YOU CANNOT HATE HIM! " - DCfnaf

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11 They make great characters look bad

Reply to ParkerFang it isn't Yoshi's fault Toad is a coward, It's Toad's

Mario, Peach, Rosalina, Toad for example - ParkerFang

12 Daisy fans can't accept that she's an unimportant filler

Point here? She was in Super Mario Land - Randomator

Well, she's more important than Waluigi. - Drawbox

True but almost all of the characters are more important than Waluigi - Randomator

13 They go too far

Luigi fans have said that Mario is worse than Hitler and Satan... that's a little too far

14 They won't shut up

Yoshi fans are the worst. - kdoraisamy23

That’s Waluigi fans right there - Randomator

15 Their lives are about the characters

That’s a pretty sad life if you basically worship Mario. There’s a big difference between liking/loving something and worshipping them/being obsessed.

16 Daisy fans go crazy over their yellow peach
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