Reasons Why the Magic School Bus Reboot on Netflix Sucks

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The animation is lazy

Kind of, I wouldn't call it lazy, though

yes - BoyGenius234

The dialogue is forced
The New Mrs. Frizzle is unlikable
The new theme song directly rips off the original and is even worse

how does it rip off it, it's the same thing but a different singer - youknowimright

None of the characters have the flaws they did in the original
The new voice actors suck

They sound decent at least.

It’s boring
It doesn’t have the educational value of the original

Was the original that educational?

The students are barely recognizable
The New Mrs. Frizzle tries way too hard to be cool

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The yodel
It looks like a pre-school show
Liz looks boring
The kids act the same
Because Magic School Bus Sucks
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