Once I was Seven Years Old PARODY (MattyB edition)

You thought it was over. HA.
- actual thing said by human

Once I was four years old, my momma told me
"You'll be a mediocre rapper one day, my little Matty"
Once I was four years old

It was a great big world, lived in a mansion full of leisure
Mom gave birth to spuddy-head, we went on some adventures
By year seven got a YouTube, and some steady figures
Ice Cube collages with me and quality went down the pisser

Once I was seven years old
Was beginning to mould
Into YouTube's real insane community
Once I was seven years old

Still fairly unheard of, but stats were growing quicker
Still, all of my fans were bots or really drunk on liquor
At this point I started to become a real hood ni**er
At age eight and nine, I was really getting bigger

Once I was ten years old
My songs beginning to unfold
On half of everyone logged into YouTube only
Once I was ten years old

Now I am thirteen years old
My story's getting told
Got a book right now, such a tremendous journey
I am now thirteen years old

Approaching six mill subs, really really easy
Even if your content makes the population queasy
I'd lose rap battles to KSI and Weezy
Appearing on the TV soon, let's hope that I ain't creasing

Soon I'll be twenty years old
I'll have my soul sold
Spat on my fans but still making money
Soon I'll be twenty years old

Soon I'll be thirty years old
Acting real bold
Those two trips to rehab haven't really helped me
Soon I'll be thirty years old

Soon I'll be forty years old
My story's been told
Of how to mess up any career early
Soon I'll be forty years old

Laying in my coffin, feeling older than Holy Moses
After dying painfully from all the overdoses
Blunt out through the mouth, coke went up the noses
Really blew up the whole world when media exposed it

Soon I'll be forty years old.

Not bad, eh? Can't get much better when you're righting a song about Matthew "don't ask her, just go in" Morris.


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