Top Ten Reasons Why Make It Pop Is the Worst Show of All Time

Here are reasons why Make It Pop is the worst show on Nickelodeon and the history of television.

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1 It's the most racist

Make it Pop has the worst acting, the worst dialogue, and the worst music, but the absolute part is it's racism, There are white Korean males on it, yet KPop has none, and this show is just such an insult to K-Pop and Koreans, The head producer needs to get fired and so do the writers, It shows you how horrible humans are, Worst show of all time. - nelsonerico

The producer himself is a white supremacist with a pedophile fetish saying things like "Asian guys in my show? Not gonna happen! " well dude... isn't supposed that your show is based on KPOP? Great way to be a bigot

This should be cancelled as soon as possible! - MLPFan

Racist Head producer should be murdered

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2 It has the worst acting of any TV show

Of course it is because there Christmas special was the worst out of all the shows it is so idiotic

The actors probably forgot to do the " acting"

Kinda offensive to the actors and actresses

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3 No plot

There's absolutely no plot on Make It Pop, it lacks even the tiniest bit of one. - nelsonerico

It's super dumb and I haven't even watched the actual show. Just saw the commercial, knew it was racist, dumb, pointless, and a complete waste of time

Can't they just stick to the SHOW'S PLOT?! - MLPFan

4 No comedy

"Get rid of all of the 2000s and 2010s shows, and bring back the '90s"

Like that will ever happen. Not that I hate the 90's shows, but they've moved on from them completely. If they ever did that, they would die from repetitiveness. Honestly, don't tell me you want them to get rid of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Every Witch Way, Danny Phantom, Catscratch, El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera and Invader Zim too. Those shows have a lot of fans and if they got rid of them for 90's, the fans would be far beyond pissed off.

I hate 90's hipsters that act like this with a passion. - Ededdneddyfan55

This show has no comedy, there are no good jokes in it, the lack of a laugh track is pretty much the only good part of this show, but this show is so bad that lacking a laugh track doesn't work. - nelsonerico

They think they're so funny but they're not because there joke are so thumb but guess what no one laughs

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5 It has bad humor

The humor is so bad, it's like mixing butt jokes with every other bad thing possible/imaginable, nobody EVER wants to watch THIS crap. - nelsonerico

6 It causes a big drop in ratings

This show is so horrible that it's going to drop ratings probably by about 60%, That's such a big drop in the ratings that Nickelodeon might go out of business this year. - nelsonerico

I want this show to be the worst show in history of all nick shows

7 All the characters care about is their cell phone

It's like all they do is use their cell phone!

Ok FYI the only character that cares about their cell phone that much is sun hi

If they left their phones at their dorm room and they're IN CLASS, They would thought about escaping class to get their phone so they can take selfies and post them online -_- - MLPFan

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8 It has no morals

There are no morals, but bad lessons on this show, like many other shows, Also, the lessons are racist. - nelsonerico

There are no morals on this show, all the lessons are bad and racist. - nelsonerico

There are no morals, but bad lessons, also the lessons are racist. - nelsonerico

Um, do any shows have morals these day So?

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9 It's a teen sitcom

That's not even the worst part, some teen sitcoms were good, think of Drake and Josh, Ned's Declassified and Every Witch Way, 3 good teen sitcoms, but I agree most of the teen sitcoms on Nick are bad, think about iCarly, Sam and Cat, The Thundermans, Henry Danger, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn, Max and Shred, Bella and the Bulldogs and THIS, Make It Pop, 8 bad teen sitcoms compared to 3 good teen sitcoms, there are more bad ones than good ones, Boo. - nelsonerica

ICarly is actually a good show to me.. But I don't know.

Teen sitcoms have been around for years. Remember Lizzie Mcguire?

Lo l.. j ust prove to me that you are just a critic...all you do is critici se.b y the way Henry Danger is by far a good show,Sam and Cat and even iCarly...okay if iCarly was as bad as you say it was then why did it run for such a long time!?

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10 The music sucks

Because most of the music sounds alike.

The song we're doing it is okay(I guess)But what annoys me is that when they say that their haters are "green"because their jealous. They're saying that we haters are jealous. I mean, come on, Why do we have to be jealous of talentless and uncreative people like them? - MLPFan

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11 It doesn't look like they are singing

They're actually lip syncing to be honest. But why won't they just sing without lip syncing?! Because since their lip syncing, their mouths only go up and down as If they were singing - MLPFan

Why do they lip sync? Because not everybody is good at singing.

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12 It doesn't make any sense

Someone even said In common sense media that they are mean to everybody. I would show you guys a link but, I can't. Just search 'Make It Pop Age Rating Common sense media' and look up for the reviews until you found a review from someone In the age 13 and only gave 1 star. You'll find It 😊 - MLPFan

13 It's Nickelodeon's answer to Shake It Up

And shake it up was already a disaster

14 It made Every Witch Way have its final season

I don't like the show, Every Witch Way. But it's better than this stupid Make It Pop show.

No One Cares About Every Witch Way! Every Witch Way Sucks!

Yeah at least every witch way had some drama

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15 It is way too cheesy and is more like a cheap romance novel that nobody even cares about.
16 It's just plain stupid

It's called an opinion

All they do is scream

Your racist

17 It has annoying characters with annoying voices

The characters makes me what to punch all of them

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18 It's an American K-Pop version of Rebelde
19 The title sounds dirty

It would be dirtier if it said Make It Poop.

It's actually not dirty unless u have a dirty mind which I don't think the writers had

What's next? Make It Rap? - TheKirbyCreeper999

Ok so what the title sounds dirty but the show is fun and cool and that's all that matters

20 The songs are rip offs

I think it's called a profitable business

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