Top Ten Reasons Why Making Fiends Is Better Than Peg + Cat

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1 Charlotte may be an idiot but her humor is done very well

She's not as annoying as always counting back to five when you freak out - RyanMtheGamer

I don't know what you mean but that could be true or not

2 Making Fiends doesn't have overly annoying characters

Peg isn't annoying none of the characters are annoying they are just unique

3 Cat is brainless

No he's not he is smart he just doesn't know it he knows things he doesn't know

4 Peg has an annoying voice

She is young her voice may be high pitch but it's cute

5 Better animation

Yeh peg plus cat has great animation

6 Better theme song

Making fiends songs remind of those in harvey beaks - RyanMtheGamer

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7 Peg + Cat is for babies

No it's not

8 Better writing

Peg writes all the time with that magic twig

9 Peg looks hideous

No she's not she looks cute

10 No one likes Peg + Cat

Lots of people love peg plus cat you are just liars

That's a pretty stupid reason

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