Top Ten Reasons Why Man of Steel Is a Terrible Movie

The Top Ten

1 Too Much Destruction

The destructions in the movie are not to promote violence or destruction itself, they are made only to show how big are the powers that have the main characters, for the modern audience, it's made for a spectacular movie. Why is that a bad thing? - MatrixGuy

B_tch please, you don't know anything about how movies are made nowadays!

Man of Steel is the worst Superman movie ever. Henry Cavil is boring and has no expression like astone. And those idiotic shaky cam fight scenes gave me a headache.

Man of Steel is a boss movie.Whoever made this list is a liar.

2 IHOP Is In The Movie

What does this have to do with anything? - Therandom

3 There's No Flying Creature
4 No Darkseid

This would create a problem of too many villains like in spider-man three. And they are building up to the justice league movie part two were he's the villain and he'll likely fight superman, whose alive, (seriously look it up).

5 It Has The New DC Logo In The Opening Credits
6 No Lex Luthor

Hello here. You simply know Lex Luthor has been in many super man movies and he deceivers a breathier and plus Zod has hardly been in a justice league episode. By the way Zod and his army is gone so don, t expect to see them in the new movie. Expect to see doomsday and Lex. So expect a lot of great thing in the new movie like Jessie Eisenberg playing as lex luthor.

Well if lex luthor was the main antagonist, then we wouldn't really get that controversial metropolis destruction fight

7 No Doomsday
8 Too Depressing

Superman is a symbol of hope. Not an depressed alien Jesus.

9 It's Actually Pretty Good
10 Krypton Blew Up

I think... (know) that this is the reason that Superman came to Earth, So? - MatrixGuy

The Contenders

11 No Kryptonite
12 There's Too Much Action

Seriously, if you keep showing action, it's not gonna be impressive anymore

13 The Scene Where Clark's Father Mentions that Clark should've let the kids on the bus die.
14 Too Much Testosterone
15 Superman Gets People Killed

Yeah The Family got killed by Zod because Superman was too late at the end.

16 John Kent Changes His Mind About Superman Being a Hero
17 Superman Can Fly Through Outer Space but Chokes on Zod's Ship
18 It Tries Too Hard to Be Awesome
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