Reasons Why Marching Band Should Be Considered a Sport

So I'm in the marching band at my school, and I am super happy because we are going to the finals after such a long time. However I've met many people who told me marching band is not a sport, and evidence points to how that statement is NOT true. Here are the reasons why it is a sport!

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1 It is competitive

People usually think marching bands are for parades only. Competitions are held for marching band believe it or not, look it up. There are "shows" each band presents with visuals, music, and all that, and it is VERY competitive. Our band got to finals because we worked hard, because each band we beat obviously tries even harder to beat us, and we don't let that happen! - Phillip873

It is so competitive. I live in Pennsylvania and we have this big completion called chapters. It is so stressful because winning can mean a lot to the seniors. - marchingband

I just realized the admin changed my title, suggesting that marching band is not already a sport... wow - Phillip873

2 It requires practicing

Practicing your music or basic marching technique at home is always a great idea! - Phillip873

Like months of practicing. - funnyuser

3 It makes you stronger

You build endurance, and muscle because you do stretches before rehearsal. Endurance because you have to hold things for a long time, properly. - Phillip873

4 It requires rehearsal/full practice with the team

Rehersal/practice is totally necessary. - Phillip873

5 It takes dedication

You have to want to beat your competitors! - Phillip873

6 You travel to other places to compete
7 It requires skill
8 You have to tryout to join

In our school we don't have to try out but a school close by called williamsport does - marchingband

9 You meet new people
10 Marching while holding an instrument for a while gets tiring

Talk about compulsive exercise. Marching is already an exhausting task, but having to multi-task by doing things such as playing an instrument (or spinning a flag until you fly up into the sky where you might potentially run into a blimp) makes it even harder. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yes, you have to stay in step the entire time, all the feet have to be in unison, and you have to sound good, and you have to keep your horn up (brass) - Phillip873

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