Top Ten Reasons Why Mariah Carey is Better Than Justin Bieber


The Top Ten

1 Justin can't do whistle tones

Haha! He can't even hit high notes like 5 octave. - waraypiso

I like MC better than JB, but honestly can't stand whistle tones.

2 Mariah has talent

But Justin is so talentless and stupid. - waraypiso

3 Justin sounds like a retarded person

That's true. He sounds like a 1-month-old baby. - waraypiso

4 Mariah doesn't do drugs
5 Mariah doesn't have criminal records
6 The song "Hero" is way better than "Baby"

Hero has meaning. Baby is nothing compared to Hero. - waraypiso

7 Justin is a bad role model for kids
8 Mariah doesn't spit on her fans
9 Justin is more hated

Most of us hate him. I also hate him as a person. - waraypiso

10 The song "Make It Happen" is "Stairway to Heaven" compared to "What Do You Mean"

"Make It Happen" is way better than this Bieber crap. - waraypiso

The Contenders

11 Justin has no dignity
12 Justin is a poser
13 It is harder to sing Mariah Carey's songs than to sing Justin Bieber's songs
14 Mariah doesn't call The Beatles a crap band
15 Mariah Carey's songs have more meaningful lyrics

I rather listen to Mariah Carey better. - waraypiso

16 Mariah doesn't call her fans a "beached whale"

TRUE! - waraypiso

17 Mariah is a legend
18 "One Sweet Day" and "We Belong Together" are her best songs in the universe
19 Mariah Carey has longer career compared to Justin Bieber
20 Mariah Carey has better danceable songs

Shake It Off is 10000000x better than Despacito Remix. - waraypiso

21 Mariah isn't stupid
22 Mariah Carey's songs are emotional
23 Mariah doesn't insult Manny Pacquiao

Yes! That's true. - waraypiso

24 Mariah is more mature
25 Mariah loves her fans
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