Top Ten Reasons Why Mariah Carey Is Better Than Nicki Minaj

If you watch American Idol, you may see that Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are fighting a lot and hating each others. However, I've listened to both of them and I prefer by far Mariah Carey.

The Top Ten

1 Mariah can sing

Mariah has a far more larger range than Nicki Minaj, Nicki has a small 2 octave range while Mariah has an astonishing 5 octave range and usually most people would have 2 octaves in their voices, or if you are like me, 3 octaves. - MeaganSaysHI

True and Nicki can't

There are four types of musical art: being able to sing, being able to write lyrics, being able to play an instrument, and being able to compose. Mariah can do three out of the four, and Nicki can't do any. It's obvious who wins here people.

Enough said. She has talent. She writes. She produces. She literally changed the world of music at least 3 times. She has a SONG OF THE DECADE! Enough said, enough said.

2 Mariah is more successful

She is queen

Mariah is WAYYY more succesfull and relevant than Nicki. Nicki tryna compete with the queen? Smhh GOODBYE!

3 Mariah is prettier

She looks more natural... But Nicki looks really fake. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Mariah Carey is extremely natural, while Nicki Minaj has a plastic body and can't sing for #$?!

The part I like about Mariah is her wavy chestnut-brown hair, it's preetty... - MeaganSaysHI

W t f no! Nicki us hitter by far. Mariah has some scary a s s cheekbones.

4 Mariah makes better music

I would rather have 10 hours of "touch my body" or "hero" than 10 hours of "Stupid Hoe" or "Anaconda" - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

5 Mariah's style is better

Mariah Carey is classy, Nicki Minaj is trashy - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Sometimes Mariah is trashy (Touch My Body), but she mostly has awesome and sweet songs.

6 Nicki made the worst song ever (Stupid Hoe)

That is such a huge embarrassment for her.

She thought of that song because that's what she is

7 Nicki Minaj's fans are worse

Barbz are worse

I think the "lambs" are worse. - RnBLover

Barbz are also Arianators, Beliebers, Scones, Directioners, Swifties and Smilers. WHY?!

8 Mariah Carey's songs are inoffensive
9 Mariah doesn't twerk
10 Mariah will be remembered while Nicki will vanish in obscurity

This is so true.

I dunno. Given the attention we give her online, even though it's negative attention, digital dirt will stick. - PositronWildhawk

More negative attention will encourage people to stay away from her.

The Contenders

11 Mariah has a reason to be famous
12 Mariah is sexier

Even at her current age she's still a lot sexier than plastic nicki minaj! - DaWyteNight

13 Mariah made more songs
14 Mariah is a good role model
15 Mariah has a better voice

Her voice is angelic

Yes Mariah Carey has a lot better voice. She can hit with us nobody else can she can do a whistle note like no other she is the greatest of all time the credits in the industry thank you so much Mariah Carey always have always will love you you are my favorite singer

Nicki minaj can't sing to save her life,

Nicki a rapper not a singer

16 Nicki Minaj has too many implants
17 Mariah doesn't cuss in her songs

Yes she does

Actually, cussing in songs doesn't make it bad in my view, but I agree with this list.

Yes, she does seldomly. Listen to the song "Obsessed ". At least most of her songs are good. - waraypiso

18 Mariah is more good looking

Looks don't matter, but our lives matter. - waraypiso

19 Nicki Minaj is a whore

Who added this? Lol!

20 Mariah is more classy
21 Nicki Minaj is gross
22 Nicki Minaj is disturbing
23 Mariah's voice is sexy
24 Mariah is less annoying
25 Mariah has dignity
26 Nicki Minaj is more inappropriate for kids
27 Nicki Minaj makes a clown out of herself
28 Nicki Minaj is a poser
29 18 Number Ones Isn't For Nothing

I rather have 18 gold medals than 2 silvers and pebbles

30 Nicki Minaj can't even hit falsetto
31 Mariah doesn't sing Anaconda or Stupid Hoe
32 Nicki sounds retarded
33 Mariah is sexy
34 Mariah has a hot body
35 Mariah is one of the sexiest women to ever exist, Nicki is one of the ugliest
36 Mariah's voice is one of the sexiest voices to ever exist
37 Mariah has better boobs
38 Mariah doesn't act out to get attention
39 Hero is better than Stupid Hoe

Hero is so much better

40 Mariah has better album covers
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