Top Ten Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized


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1 It does less damage than alcohol

Dude, marijuana causes damage to the lungs and respiratory system, just like regular smoking. It leads to lung cancer, ultimately leading to death. Look it up. - Mcgillacuddy

Yeah, shrooms, LSD, marijuana, and pretty much any psychedelic are a lot safer than alcohol.


This is true. I have seen first-hand how detrimental alcohol can be. If alcohol, which has been a major factor in abuse, deaths, etc, can be legal, then marijuana should be.

Marijuana is used to relieve people's stress and pain (physical or emotional). No one has OD'd on marijuana.
This has been proven to be safer than alcohol. - maarilynmaanson

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2 You feel so good after smoking it

You maintain self control, but food tastes better, music sounds better, movies are better, everything is funnier, your thoughts run wild. There is nothing bad about being high - ryanrimmel

3 So people get happy and not depressed all the time

It is a very useful medicine for people with depression and anxiety, among many other uses - ryanrimmel

4 So everyone will shut up and stop complaining about it

You can't overdose and you can't die from it. More people die from tobacco and alcohol by far. - IronSabbathPriest

5 So April 20th will be known for something good

This is true. Hitler's birthday is on this day along with the Columbine massacre. Let's allow this day to represent something good, too. - maarilynmaanson

Alcohol will have new years, and weed will get 4/20. Sounds great - ryanrimmel

6 Many states have legalized it so all states might as well too

True, states that have legalized marijuana make it much harder for other states to keep weed out. - ryanrimmel

7 More people want it legal than those who don't

Even Republicans. - shiftaltkey

8 So Tommy Chong will be happy when he dies
9 Because America is supposed to be a free country

Flamesofsilver That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. How is smoking a plant that literally effects no one else but yourself comparable to robbing and harming someone's business by stealing TVs? - shiftaltkey

If you are allowed to kill fetuses, then I should allowed to smoke a bowl and listen to Pink Floyd! - ryanrimmel

People use marijuana to relieve themselves from pain. It makes them happy. It is not nearly as dangerous as alcohol.
We should be able to make our own decisions regarding what occurs to our bodies. - maarilynmaanson

I'm not sure this is a very good reason.
I'm aware I'm stretching this to extreme, but what if you tried stealing a T.V. from a shop because 'It's a free country, and I want this T.V. ' - Flamesofsilver

10 It basically does no harm to anyone

0 deaths, not physically addictive, and it is less harmful than caffeine. So if you can binge off of coffee every morning, then I should be able to smoke a bowl and listen to Pink Floyd... - ryanrimmel

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11 It was here before us

The government don't own it, they didn't make it themselves. So who are they to try and stop everyone from enjoying it?

12 There would be no drug smuggling
13 It can be used as medication

It’s usually used for pain and emotional reasons, so why is it illegal? - KingSlayer93316

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