Top 10 Reasons Why Marilyn Manson Is Amazing

I do NOT regret this list! Marilyn Manson gets too much hate for his music and image. He's not a satanist! He never claimed to be. He's actually a nice and friendly guy in real life and he doesn't at all encourage people to be sad, angry, depressed, violent, or anything else really bad. His songs carry deep meaning. He's a normal person who just wants to make art. So stop giving him so much hate. He doesn't deserve it. Not at all.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Marilyn Manson Is Amazing

1 He's Nice In Real Life
2 He's a True Artist
3 He Doesn't Encourage Bad Behavior In Anyone
4 He Is Against Violence
5 He Tells You to Be True to Yourself
6 He Doesn't Worship Satan
7 He's Respectful of Other People's Beliefs
8 He's a Good Role Model
9 He Tells His Fans to Enjoy Everyday to the Fullest
10 He Says That People Need to Be Responsible For Their Own Actions

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11 He's a Great Songwriter
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