Top 10 Reasons Why Marilyn Manson Is a Better Role Model Than Justin Bieber

Yes people. You see this list right in front of you. Marilyn Manson is a better role model than Justin Bieber. Let that sink in.
Now before you all get angry and say how much of a satanic motherf***er he is, I want you all to know that he's actually a nice guy in real life. His songs actually do have positive messages disguised as bad ones. He's never done anything horribly bad in his life. He never killed or raped anyone. He's just as normal as you and me. I wouldn't recommend his music to children but he is a great philosopher and one of the only true artists around today.

All Justin Bieber has done throughout his career is egg his neighbor's house, pee in a restaurant mop bucket, and even lick the barenaked breasts of a stripper.

The Top Ten

1 He doesn't Encourage Violence, Partying, Sex, and Drugs

Babbel babbel bitch

A lot of people think that his song, This is the New S***, is a song about partying, sex, and drug use. But it's really a song about staying away from songs about partying, sex, and drug use (the same music you hear on the radio everyday). And what he meant by the new s*** was Contemporary Music.

2 He's Nice in Real Life
3 He Cares for Children

He states that if adult entertainment is killing our children, or if killing our children is entertaining adults.

And he went to a make a wish and visited a little boy with cancer.💛💛💛

4 He Encourages People to be Themselves and Not Go to the Bad Side of Life
5 He has More Meaningful Lyrics
6 He's intelligent

He has an IQ of 148

7 He is unique
8 He has Dignity
9 He Has Awesome Music Videos
10 He never degraded Argentina's flag

Yeah Marilyn Manson isn't ignorant

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