Top Ten Reasons Why Marilyn Manson is Better Than Dita Von Teese


The Top Ten

1 Marilyn Manson is Nice to People

Dita Von Teese isn't nice AT ALL - AnnieCallie

2 Marilyn Manson Makes Better Songs

He makes the best songs ever. - AnnieCallie

3 Marilyn Manson is Better at Acting

Dita can't act to save a baby's life while Marilyn Manson is a professional actor - AnnieCallie

4 Marilyn Manson is Hot While Dita Von Teese Looks Like a Potato with Pounds of Makeup On

Don't know if I would consider Marilyn Manson to be hot but I agree that Dita Von Teese is uglier and I agree with the other reasons on this list.Good list but you make too many DVT hate lists.-DarkBoi-X

5 Marilyn Manson is More Interesting

A wall is more interesting than Dita she's so boring. - AnnieCallie

6 Marilyn Manson Donates to Charity

I've never heard of Dita donating to charity. - AnnieCallie

7 Marilyn Manson Doesn't Try to Control People's Lives

He encourages people to live their lives while Dita tried to control Marilyn's life. - AnnieCallie

8 Marilyn Manson Supports the LGBTQ+ Community

I don't know how Dita feels about the lgbtq+ community. - AnnieCallie

9 Marilyn Manson Can Stand Up for Himself and Others

He has balls lol. - AnnieCallie

10 Dita Von Teese Makes People Look Bad While Marilyn Manson Tells the Truth

Dita made Marilyn look bad. Good thing he told the damn truth. - AnnieCallie

The Contenders

11 Marilyn Manson doesn't look like he's about to fart nor is he plastic

I added this because Dita Von Teese looks like she's going to fart and she looks like a plastic doll.Almost as plastic as Nicki Minaj who is the worst singer ever.-DarkBoi-X

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