Top Ten Reasons Why "Top 10 Best Mario Characters" Is So Bad

The Mario franchise is one of the best gaming franchises out there, and has mostly unique characters in their own ways. But nowadays, this list is becoming a hellhole. Why?

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1 Whenever you say that any other Mario character is better than Princess Peach, you mainly earn thumbs down

Yeah, because you deserve it. - DCfnaf

Who ever said "peach is trash" IS GOING TO GET HURT

You mean Yoshi, Luigi, Daisy, WALUIGI... - ParkerFang


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2 Birdo is very low on the list
3 Rosalina is top 4 instead of top 1

Your acting like this is an issue. - ThatOneRacer

Butt hurt Rosalina Fanboys...I like Rosalina but she doesn't deserve 1. - DCfnaf

Shut up rosalina butthurt fan - VideoGamefan5

And? - yunafreya648

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4 It says Princess Peach is better than Yoshi

Peach and yoshi are both great

No it does not! - DCfnaf

5 It's overrated

So are you - DCfnaf

6 People give you thumbs down when you say that Princess Daisy and Rosalina are much better than Princess Peach

Nope because Peach fans are sane, Daisy's and Rosalina's are not - ParkerFang

It's the other way around - yunafreya648

7 Whenever you post a positive comment about Princess Daisy, it gets unreasonably thumbed down

Not true, usually if I see a negative comment, THAT gets thumbs down. - DCfnaf

That when someone says anything negative about Daisy then it gets thumbed down - yunafreya648

Nah because Daisy fans are all over the website. It happens with Rosalina - ParkerFang

Nope - ParkerFang

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8 Princess Peach is on the list

Aww shut up! - DCfnaf

9 Rosalina is too high instead of being last where she belongs

This, no one likes that stupid bootleg Peach

You see guys? Butthurt Daisy fans are always around and are always annoying - ParkerFang


10 The list has comments that tell you that the commenters love Princess Peach and hate Rosalina

That's not really true. - DCfnaf

The Contenders

11 The comments generally suck

This list generally sucks. - DCfnaf

12 Toad is too high, should be in the bottom
13 Wendy isn't at the Bottom and Waluigi is way too High
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