Top Ten Reasons Why Mario is Becoming Overrated

The game series has lost it's spark after 33 years of being in the making, and now, it's starting to feel like an eternity waiting for it to move on. With this, people can become bothered by the never-changing formula, and this can lose some fans.

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1 It is usually the game that comes to mind whenever a person mentions their childhood or what makes them nostalgic

Not that this is a bad reason; People have the right to say what reminds them of nostalgia, but people who go overboard with it can just be annoying. We all grow up and move on, people who care too much about nostalgia should too. - Swellow

This doesn't happen to everyone, and this is not a series to grow out of. I've been playing Mario games since I was a kid and still appreciate them to this day. If it weren't for Mario, then there would be no Sonic and other great platformers that came after it.

Super Mario Bros. (80s kids) Super Mario 64 (90s kids)

This list kind of makes me feel uncomfortable.
UPDATE: It's actually quite decent.

2 The series has not changed it's style or appeal, which has resulted in it remaining usually the same

Even the story remains the same, it's getting really tired playing the same game over and over again with updated graphics and different stages, it's like a dlc. The sonic games can be worse, but they try to innovate. Mario is so overrated that when sonic forces came out with the same classic and modern sonic formula, people called the gameplay for being boring because of his gameplay.

This is one of the reasons why the series is so popular, since people, especially nostalgists, don't like change that much and this is also what makes Mario to be Mario in the first place. (Points out the whiny Sonic fans who complain about the new Sonic games because they're different from the classics) If you don't like the new games, then don't play them and stick to the old ones you like. Simple as that.

The last time we had a decent Mario game that changed things around was Sunshine or The Thousand Year Door, but even there, it's becoming victim to Nintendo; The games don't seem to grow out of it's past target audience, and don't seem to be coming up with more creative plotlines. - Swellow

At least this generation brought us Super Mario Maker which was pretty good.

3 The plotline is starting to become the same thing after each game post-Sunshine

Mario galaxy and mario maker - YOSHIA2121

Call Of Duty Is So Like This - VideoGamefan5

Well I can't deny that is a flaw - Nateawesomeness

Then again, Peach doesn't get kidnapped in Super Mario 3D World and it doesn't stop the Mario series from trying something new once in a while.

4 The series often gets over-credited for it's nostalgia and being the top-seller of most video games

Maybe but it doesn't stop other games from being nostalgic and top-selling as well. (Pac-Man came before Mario, whereas Wii Sports sold more copies than even the original SMB game)

Call Of Duty Gets Overrated By Mature - VideoGamefan5

It deserves lots of credit - YOSHIA2121

5 The series never seems to come out of its comfort zones

Mario Odyssey did kind of come outside the comfort zone by bringing back Pauline and having the peach/bowser wedding being the center of the game - Randomator

To be honest, I'd like to see a grittier and darker Mario game that changes things around. - Swellow

Mario galaxy and mario maker - YOSHIA2121

Call Of Duty Looks The Same - VideoGamefan5

6 It has arguably one of the largest fanbases of any video game series

They and PAC Man’s fanbases are extremely toxic to the sonic fandom. Now the sonic fandom kinda sucks but they take it to far. Also they do it to Mega Man because of that one crossover with sonic.

It is because Mario is one of the greatest and most iconic video game series, of course it is going to have a large fanbase. The Mario franchise has been around since Donkey Kong in 1981. However, even if the fanbase isn't perfect, there are great video games with even worse fanbases out there. *cough*Sonic*cough*

Probably because Mario is hours of enjoyment - Nateawesomeness

Minecraft In A Nutshell - VideoGamefan5

7 The series can cause debates between haters and fans

May kind of happen to me sometimes.

Sonic Can Too! - VideoGamefan5

So what?

Sonic seems to suffer more from this. :(

8 Several games from Nintendo have been ignored in favor of Mario

It would also be great if you would make a "Sonic is becoming overrated" list as well, since several Sega games are ignored in favor of Sonic, which is depressing that there is a lot more to Sega than just Sonic.

Activision Has Milking Their Cash Pants With Call Of Duty - VideoGamefan5

Because mario is better - YOSHIA2121

True, I would love Star Fox to become a major IP for Nintendo, but that won't stop people from liking Mario or whatever else better.

9 The characters can feel the same after a while

The only characters with personality in these games are Luigi, Yoshi, and even Bowser.

Not really. As long as they're lovable, and not controversial, then I'm fine with them.

I liked Yoshi since Super Mario World came out and I still do, today.

Call Of Duty Feels The Same So Much - VideoGamefan5

10 People think the games are too hard

Mega Man is harder

Wrong. The games are too easy and have become boring. Relying to much on gimmicks like the flood pack or being in space or a haunted cap!
Give gamers a challenge and not just "collect the stars".

Some of the best levels in Mario Sunshine were the ones without the flood pack.

I recently played 3D land...What a snooze fest. So disappointed.

As of recently the games are ridiculously easy

Some people complain that Mario games are too hard for them when the fact is that Mario games can be as simple as any other platformer.

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11 The series has rarely changed around the plotline, causing problems among people tired of the same plotline

But it doesn't stop the series from trying out with something new once in a while. For instance, not all Mario games feature Peach getting kidnapped by Bowser. (Super Mario Bros 2. and Super Mario 3D World are rare exceptions, plus the game Super Princess Peach you have Peach rescuing Mario and Luigi from Bowser instead. Correct me if I'm wrong), and not all the games feature the same items (Again, Super Mario Bros. 2). Although I would like to see the Yoshi powers from Super Mario World return.

Call Of Duty Is Like This! - VideoGamefan5

Mario galaxy and mario maker - YOSHIA2121

12 Donkey Kong Country Returns and Rayman Origins both got completely overshadowed by New Super Mario Bros
13 The lack of new characters or elements in some of the later games

It seems that Paper Mario: Color Splash is taking after Sticker Star due to the lack of partners and whatnot that the previous PM games had that made the series lovable in the first place. Mario isn't an overrated series, but as with several other iconic gaming series, it still has flaws that need to be fixed.

14 All the current games use the same old cast of characters without any new additions or bringing back the more obscure ones from previous games

I was surprised to see the following Paper Mario (N64 original) characters reappear in the following main-series Mario games: The Star Spirits in Mario Party 5, Goomba King/Goomboss in Super Mario 64 DS and the Koopatrol in Mario Pinball Land. Knowing the direction the series is going, we may never see a comeback from any of these characters ever again. :(

15 It may suffer from executive meddling

I know the reason why new or original characters aren't allowed in Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Paper Mario: Color Splash; It is all because one of the creators said "No" and just stuck to using the main series Mario cast, such as having the enemy Koopa Troopas no longer wear sunglasses like they did in the previous PM games and just look the same as they did in the main series games. I really hate executive meddling, it takes away creative freedom and such for the sake of money/profit, and I feel very sorry for artists and creators who had to experience it.

16 Mario games have become far too easy.

I feel that the last true challenging main Mario game was Super Mario World. Whilst the transition into 3D was a good thing, It feels like this was the beginning of easy Mario.

I recently 100% completed Mario 3D land and lost, at most, 10 lives. Most of which were my mistakes and not because it was a hard game.

Mario games have simply become collector-thons that feel more like a chore than a challenge.

The fans that made Mario popular are now in their 30-40s and have becom better gamers. They need more of a challenge yet Mario is still aimed at kids.
The evidence is in the vast amount of rock hard levels that have been made in Mario Maker.

17 It has too many unoriginal characters
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