10 Reasons Why Mario Is Better Than Sonic


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1 Without Mario There Would Be No Sonic

True because Sonic is in Sega and Mario is in Nintendo. But Sega stopped making consoles so Nintendo payed Sega for Sonic, or Sonic won't exist if Nintendo didn't pay for Sonic. - Gamer33SubZero

Speed is not everything

Even though I love Sonic more. That is true.

Mario saved the industry! - MarioMaster101

2 Sonic fans are annoying

Chill bro, you're just imitating them so chill bro! - Gamer33SubZero

Well technically Mario fans are annoying too but at least they know the problems with Mario games, Sonic Fans just treat every sonic game like they are great. Sonic fans just wanna make reasons why Mario sucks just so they could teach people that mocking Mario fans are okay.

MarioFan chill out god you is making us mario fans look like competely jerks

I'm more of a sonic fan myself and I do have to agree with this one.

The sonic fan base is toxic but the reason for that is because we care about him and we want him to have the best games possible.

not every franchise is perfect of course but I think people are like that becasue they care, I mean if they didn't then they wouldn't say a thing right?

Mario for me isn't that great and the main reason for that is because ya know, you play a game, you finish it, and then you play the Classic Sonic games for the rest of the day.

mario is just boring: same games, same controls, same feelings, same power ups, same characters. there is nothing new here.

3 Mario Has Better Games

While Sonic has some decent games, they're just decent. I will heavily doubt that any Sonic the Hedgehog game will get any closer to a 10, unlike Mario who is doing with almost every new release at this point.

Super Mario Bros is the best

Super Mario Odeyssey is one of the greatest video games of all time and that is much better than Sonic 06!

Mario Party 9 is the best game ever! - MarioMaster101

4 Sonic Has an Annoying Voice

Sonic: (dies in background)
Mario: It's a-me! Mario! - OnyxtheOcelot

Whenever I play sonic lost world, I have to hear that stupid voice!

Only in schoolhouse - myusernameisthis

Sonic mother be like: sonic why can't you be a dear like Mario and shut up

5 Sonic Fans Make Terrible Fanart

How does that effect the gameplay?

Most of this is just some opinions slapped on here like "mario has better games"

That effects the gameplay of The games? I guess if I drew fanart of Ocarina of time it would be the worst game ever? - B1ueNew

How does this affect the games? - iliekpiez

6 Mario Doesn't Have a Perverted Anime Fandom

Actually, he does. They both do.

Does not affect the game series itself - iliekpiez

Don't give those 34-year-old couch potatoes who live in their mom's basement any ideas! - BeatlesFan1964

As Much As I Dislike The Bad Fans Of Sonic, Stereotyping Is Not Okay - JPK

How is sonic x perverted? - Nateawesomeness

7 Mario's Better for Kids

Sonic is aimed at adults

Yes both Mario and sonic are kids games

Mario people need to be 6 to play it while sonic people need to be 10 or 12 to play it

Way better. There are even educational Mario games. - MarioMaster101

8 Sonic Abused Tails In Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Mario abuses Yoshi in every Mario game but he's better than Sonic?
Also,Sonic didn't abuse Tails,Tails wasn't paying attention and got shot.

Mario hasn't abused yosht?!? #smm#smm3ds#smm2 - will_smm2

And Mario didn't abused Yoshi?! - RoKun

Mario is helping Luigi like in super Mario galaxy he takes his time to help whoever needs help and Sonic just is a bull to everyone his games should be called "Let's Get This Over With I Don't Care About Anything Ha Ha"

Yeah in Mario Tennis if Luigi wins Mario steps on his foot and tries shaming him. - Devlinjustus

9 Sonic Has More Bad Games

Both are terrible. - 80sGreatestOffice

Both series’s had bad games, but if you compare the franchises, then Sonic has had more bad games.

Mario has bad games too... But sonics games are worst! - nintendofan126

Ugh, I bet a Classic Sonic Fan put this up. - MasterCreepy

10 Mario has more characters

If we counted spin offs and every minor character and major Mario character then Mario would have over 100,000 characters. - MarioMaster101

Actually, not counting spin-off characters and crossovers (Donkey Kong and stuff) Sonic has 31 official characters and Mario has 30. Super close though! - RosalinaX

I said not counting cross over characters and characters that only appeared once. - RosalinaX

So... how does this make Mario better? - MasterCreepy

A series having a bigger roster doesn't automatically make it better. - Jasmine21064


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11 Super Mario 64

It so much better it is a classic like banjo and kazooie

Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic Adventure are better than Super Mario 64.

Super Mario 64 is better than Sonic Adventure. - MarioMaster101

What does this have to do with Mario being better than Sonic? - RadioHead03

12 Mario Kart Came Out Before Sonic and Sega All Star Racing

Sonic ripped it off then. That makes Sonic racing bad. - MarioMaster101

And Power Drift came out before Super Mario Kart, so? - RadioHead03

Sonic Star Racing sucked. Just by looking at it you know it's crap. - RosalinaX

Mario Kart 8 is God compared to Sonic Free Riders

13 Mario can swim unlike Sonic

Sonic is weak in water. But Mario swims in it like a pro in a lot of games. Only in some games Mario has a health meter in Mario like Sonic. - MarioMaster101

No Sonic can't swin at all

That's only in Sonic CD Qryzx.

At least Sonic can RUN! - B1ueNew

14 Mario has more fans

Like me! Mario is also more popular so that's another reason why. - MarioMaster101

Duh! Obviously Mario has more fans than that stupid annoying hedgehog! - Princesslibby2006

Pokemon and Mario punches sonic sonic fainted

You earned to level 9-1, you gained 100000000 points

And The fanbase is cancer. - Drawbox

Did you know that Sonic is one of the worst fandoms/canvases out there? Mario is considered as not one of the worst

15 Mario has better final boss music

This is so dumb Sonic has way better final boss music. - TheDarkOne_221b

Oh don't forget yoshis island... (first one) it has the BEST final boss music ever!

Look up NSMBU final boss music on YouTube. That should be more than enough.

Okay this is just daft, I can’t defend Mario on this. When it comes to music, Mario is just completely irrelevant. The only final boss theme that’s actually memorable from Mario is Bowser’s inside Story’s final battle.

You can’t compare them. Sonic unleashed final boss? Sonic 06 final boss? Sonic Forces final boss? Sonic generations final boss? Why don’t you search those up and tell me if Mario has better music.

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16 Sonic Has More Annoying Characters

Yeah, I cannot tolerate any. - iliekpiez

Help me mario I am being kidnapped again for the 37248932412367th time please save me

I think my work here is done. - MasterCreepy

Amy really gets on my nerves sometimes... Lol

Have you seen Peach fight in Smash Bros.!?

17 Luigi is better than Tails

Cooler way he's stuff and fly can tails No

Cause green is better than yellow

No, They Both Rocks, But I Hate Sonic & His Friends. Mario & Tails Rocks!

I agree, but do you have to put a capital at the beginning of every letter?

For sure! - MarioMaster101

18 Sonic saves the world but Mario in Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, he saves more than the world, he saves the whole universe

Mario saved more then the industry, he saved the UNIVERSE! - MarioMaster101

In Sonic Generations, Sonic saves space and even time itself. - MasterCreepy

Don't forget Super Paper Mario! At least 3 universe saves now...

Super Mario galaxy, super Mario galaxy 2, paper Mario the thousand year door, super paper Mario even yoshi's new island they save time and space from bowser. so now sonic sonic 06? sonic generations does colors even count so mario wins don't worry I like them both but it is true no offense sonic fans, but they are in different universes so time only matters in there universe.

19 Coins are better than rings

Coins equal money even in the real world! - MarioMaster101


In super Mario Odyssey Rings are better than coins But I do agree coins are better than rings

Actually, TheDarkOne_221b, if you collect 100 coins you get a life. Get your facts straight. - RosalinaX

20 Mario's Been Around Longer

Hotel Mario is better than Splatoon then, OK. - Qryzx

Mario, is about 9 years longer than sonic. - nintendofan126

I am sick of this excuse yes I am a mario fan ( I like sonic also but not that much) but so what it should be that there would have been no sonic, just saying it doesn't whos been around longer.

It does because Sonic fans keep saying that Mario copied Sonic and then us Nintendo fans have to go tell them it's not possible - Katekat123

Doesn't make a difference. - DCfnaf

21 Mario is more iconic

Mario is even more iconic then Mickey Mouse, a study found. - MarioMaster101

Mario is plump

Mario was known more then mickey and bugs bunny just like mickey is for Disney shrek is for dream works it's mario for Nintendo and mario is more popular then sonic

Mario is the Mickey Mouse of Nintendo - Randomator

22 Mario is created by Nintendo

Nintendo's the GOD of gaming. - MarioMaster101

Yes he was. Nintendo is one of the most best selling game companies in the world. Mario, Zelda, Dk, Kirby, Star Fox, Metroid, the list is endless! Sega has their one blue rat who's only ability is going fast and what, three consoles? Mario being made by Nintendo is a big step that put him at the top of the ladder. Plus, Mario revived the gaming industry, bringing forth the existence of sega and sonic. Why, Mario? Now we have to deal with the one of 06 and his other horrible games! Anyone who says Mario has bad games obviously hasn't heard of Sonic Boom.

Mario is better than Sonic but when Pokémon came out then Pokémon was the most popular game that relased in Japan. You know Pokemon have lots of shirts like many pikachu shirts

23 Sonic has terrible TV shows

I'll admit that I am a HUGE fan of Mario But the super Mario bros super show was horrible the super Mario bros 3 show was even worse the super Mario world show was not as bad sonic boom was kinda good old sonic cartoon was bad Sonic X is my 10th favorite show of all time so sonic is better in T.V. shows but Mario is still WAY better

I'm a Mario fan, so of course you'd think I'd diss Sonic. But in my defense, I tried watching the Sonic Boom show and cringed so hard my eyes hurt. Knuckles looked and acted stupid, Shadow was... um... crazy, and the voice-acting is kinda crappy. Just saying. - RosalinaX

Sonic fanboy probably put this up - MasterCreepy

Like in sonic boom. I really hate what they did to shadow. He used to be a ally? But now he's a crazy freak who only cares about revenge!

24 Sonic Fangirls

Mario Fangirls - MasterCreepy

I can't stand it!

I connot stand Sonic Fangirls! - nintendofan126


25 Mario has better RPG games

Every Mario RPG game was amazing! Unlike sonic, he had only 1 RPG game. And it was terrible! - nintendofan126

Take Dream team for exsmple. It was awesome I loved antasma.

26 Mario Can Be Fun for All Ages

Mario Party and Mario Kart are amazing for the family! - MarioMaster101

That is very true. Most sonic games aren't really for a whole family, but games like Mario Party and Mario Kart you can play with everyone. - RosalinaX

So can Sonic - B1ueNew

Okay? So can Sonic?
GameGrumps had fun with Sonic games. - MasterCreepy

27 Mario is more recognized by people

Sanic exists. - MasterCreepy

A dead meme 8 metres underneath the earth makes Sonic more recognisable?

Of course he is he gets like 3 or 4 games a year when sonic only gets one horrible one

Everyone sure has heard about him (not people who died under 1981

28 Mario let Luigi have 5 games when Sonic only let Tails have 2

Which means Nintendo's nicer to Luigi then Sega is to Tails. - MarioMaster101

Mario at least let his brother have 5 games, unlike Sonic who only let his poorest pal have only 2 games.

The reason why certain Mario games like Luigi's Mansion and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker and certain Sonic games like Shadow the Hedgehog and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine exists is mainly because of Nintendo and Sega, not Mario and Sonic. - Jasmine21064

Mario is a lot more nicer to Luigi than Sonic to Tails

29 Mario's Just Better

"Just better" - MarioMaster101

Saying that Mario's just better than Sonic shows that you like Mario more than Sonic for no reason.
Also, this shouldn't even be on this list in the first place. Why? Not only is the item literately just a nickname for this list's title but it's also technically not even a reason. This item doesn't prove anything nor does it even give why someone would think that Mario is better than Sonic, ultimately making this a terrible item for this list.
I hope whoever put this on this list would understand my comment about why I don't like this item. - Jasmine21064

yes - DensestPotato

Uh, this is what this list is about: WHY he's better.

30 Mario has better villains

Bowser's WAY better then Dr.Eggman. - MarioMaster101

The villains are harder too. Anyone remember the mini-bosses and the boss of Secret Mine in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon? They took me a while to beat.

Haha lol Mario would be pwned against Perfect Chaos, Finalhazard, Solaris/Mephiles, Dark Gaia, and even the Time Eater and Infinite. Especially Metal Sonic.

Sonic however, would probably be too fast for Mario villains and own them, even Bowser. - MasterCreepy

Especially the M&L series. Cackletta, Princess Shroob, Fawful and Antasma were all great well-developed villains.

31 Bowser is better than Eggman

A lot which I said in the "Mario has better villians" one. - MarioMaster101

I think that Bowser is much better. Bowser nearly conquered the universe twice!

Bowser relies on his loyal soldiers rather than some robotic insects. Bowser isn't heartless like Eggman too. Bowser cares for Bowser. Jr.

At least Eggman doesn't capture a princess 5 times a second. And eggman's actually smart I am sorry bra you are actually wrong yes eggman used to be my favorite sonic character in sonic adventure 2 but not anymore to prove you're wrong listen to 2 things number 1. you say he was smart then why is he such a retard in adventures of sonic the hedgehog? 2. "Eggman doesn't capture a princess 5 times a second" bra have you played sonic 06.

32 Mario has been around longer


...who cares? - RadioHead03

Older =/= Better - Jasmine21064

Yes he has 10 years longer

33 It has been proven that in their first games, Mario is faster than Sonic

You're to slow Sonic! - MarioMaster101

That theory has been debunked. Also, it was JUST A THEORY to begin with.

Yah and in rio Olympus you can see mario catching up with sonic in a race most sonic fans think sonic is better then mario because he is faster I wonder what they think now

That's right! It was proven in sonics height that he was slower than Mario!

34 Sonic is an arrogant idiot

I think that's their attempt to model Sonic like the modern teenager. Knowing this, and knowing that I'm a teenager, I'm really ticked off!

Who cares if Sonic saved the world? Mario saved like 1,000,000,000,000 universes in Super Paper Mario.

That I strongly agree with. See the ninth episode of Sonic X.

I heard sonics so stupid he stays up all night to catch some sleep

35 Rosalina Is Better Than Blaze

Rosalina watches over the GALAXY! - MarioMaster101

Sonic is blue Boom

STOP! I like them both don't ruin it for me - RosalinaX

Yah it does Rosalina is a mario characters

36 He has a sweet girlfriend

One who's not an annoying creepy stalker

Peach is better then Amy Rose. - MarioMaster101

This may sound weird but I think they are a cute couple, I mean he would save her from a combination of a turtle, dragon, ox monster, just for her, what has sonic done for amy, nothing only saved her once, to be honest I think that mario and amy would be a cute couple, bestiality, you think, I don't care, does mario look, like a human to you, kind off, I bet that he can make her not annoying she was kind of cute in sonic x, but forget about that, what I am saying is that if mario would slay a demon like creature, travel through his brothers dreams, or travel through the universe, for her, then that is true love.

Mario has a sweet girlfriend. There is nothing wrong with that.

37 Mario is from a better company

Nintendo is WAY better than Sonic! - MarioMaster101

I agree

Wow so this logic says that because a company is better, the products are better. Okay, we all know Disney is better than DreamWorks, so Chicken Little is better than How to train your Dragon, right? Wrong. This makes no sense. - Drawbox

Nintendo is the best game company in the world! Search in Google if you don't believe me.

38 Sonic is a bad friend to Tails

I remember that moment from Archie when Sonic made Tails cry :'(

Mario, on the other hand, is good to his brother Luigi.

At least sonic the hedgehog has drama, tragedy and emotional moments when has Mario ever had that?

There is even a comic called sonic and tails friends no more!

39 The Mario Franchise Is Actually Fun

Sonic was great but now he is just mediocre character and Mario rules..

Really fun! - MarioMaster101

Mario has good franchise but sonic franchise was good but not really as good as mario franchise when I was 6 years old I played mario everyday and everynight and when I was 7 years old I played sonic games but I didn't like some of their games like sonic 06 or sonic boom but when I became 11 years old I remember that mario has better games and had a better franchise compared to sonic franchise

The Mario franchise revolves around actual gameplay more than the plot/story. - Qryzx

40 Mario is an adult and Sonic is a teen

Sonic is 25 years old... - RadioHead03

Mario and Sonic games are aimed at kids and preteens. Not a lot of them are mature YET. Sonic is more relatable (slightly) than Mario.

This shows that Mario is more wise than that pathetic whiny immature rat

Older = wiser. Mario is smarter than sonic!

41 Red Is Better Than Blue

I love red

YES! - MarioMaster101

Opinion. Also, nothing to do with the topic. - MasterCreepy

Pokemon Red is better than Pokemon blue if you remembered as a kid

42 Tails is really annoying

Tails is so lame! This reason should be much higher!

Tails isn't annoying. Even a mario fan like me can agree on that. - RosalinaX

How is tails annoying though? , Tails is cool - B1ueNew

If u think Tails is annoying. Peach is more annoying.

43 The Mario RPGs have great music

Especially Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars, Paper Mario: Sticker Star's predecessors and Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story's predecessors. - The Ultimate Daredevil


44 Sonic 06

sucked. - MarioMaster101

Well this is unfair. - MasterCreepy

This game is a disgrace to the sonic franchise! - nintendofan126

No, Although Sonic 06 is bad it still has redeeming qualities, y'all guys need to pay attention to Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric, that game was critically panned by critics and it is a disgrace for the Sonic Franchise

45 Sonic is harder to control

This is EXACTLY like youtube, I love how people make a certain topic like this, and people talk about stuff that have NOTHING to do with the topic. - GamingGoku757

Mario has way better music than Sonic for almost 25 years Sonic fanboy.

Man sonic still has better music than Mario and had this for almost 25 years. Even sonic2006 had better music than some great sonic games

Mario has way better music than Sonic for 30 years and that's a fact. Sonic 06 music is boring. - TheQ

This has nothing to do with the music

46 They Changed Sonic's Design In Sonic Boom

Shut the hell up @Jasmine21064. The newdesign was disgusting, and if you can't see how a design change that turned the course of Sonic's design forever, than your not a true sonic fan. I personally love Mario better, but this is just stupid. - RosalinaX

Sega didn't In fact, they didn't even make the Sonic Boom series. Do you guys even do your research? I bet a Sonic Fanboy put this up. - MasterCreepy

Uh you guys do realize Sonic Boom wasn't created by Sega. - MasterCreepy

Forgive me with the big long school project essay here. If someone asked me if I grew up with Classic Sonic or Modern Sonic, I'd say Classic, even if I'm way too young to be a millennial. The very first game I played was a collection of Sonic Classic games. ALL 90'S! SONIC BOOM REDESIGN RUINED MY CHILDHOOD!

First off, calm down.
Second off, your childhood must be fragile since you let a mediocre design of a fictional character ruin it. - Jasmine21064

47 Mario Has Better 3D Games

Sonic 06 SUCKS! Most Mario 3d games are actually pretty fun! - MarioMaster101

Agreed. I love Super Mario 3D land

This is supper true I just love 3d mario game

All sonic has is sonic and sega all stars oh god I'm too slow Mario is faster than me have y'all seen Mario oddsey. - Mariofan

48 Sonic's Personality Is Terrible

Second time, it really must be bad

49 The Characters In Sonic the Hedgehog Are Way More Annoying

Princess Peach and Toad aren't annoying? I can name one annoying Sonic character. CHARMY

Daisy is extremely annoying.
But I like the other characters. - PaperMarioFan

Sonic - An arrogant egotistical idiot that wants all the glory to himself.
Amy - An emotional clingy brat that doesn’t care about anything but Sonic.
Tails - He’s okay, but he acts kind of dumb in Sonic Boom.
Knuckles - He’s also okay, but he becomes really dumb in Sonic Boom (worse than Tails).
Shadow - An emo that’s too obsessed with Maria’s death and wants to destroy people. I get it that Maria was his close friend, but dude chill out.
Eggman - Builds a bunch of useless pathetic robots instead of actually being smart like Bowser and getting some good REAL minions.

50 Amy Rose Is Stupid

That's NOT a good reason AT ALL. That's just a completely awful one-sided statement that mainly exist just to bash on a small specific part of a whole. Why do I believe that it's not a good reason to begin with? Well, for two reasons:
1. Not liking a specific character (especially if he's/she's/it's not the main character) doesn't make a whole series/game bad, especially if the series/game has a big roster.
2. It doesn't prove anything about a series being worse than another series since ANY character can be in someone's best/worse characters list, even the most beloved. - Jasmine21064

Eh, not really. Other than Sonic X. - Qryzx

Stop hating Princess Peach! It's getting annoying! - Mranonymously

*Peach is stupid.

At least Amy TRIES to find a way out and fights back on most occasions. Peach just stands there like a lunatic waiting to be kidnapped and saved by Mario. - MasterCreepy

Lunatic: a mentally ill person.

... Yeah, that's Amy (she swings her hammer at random people, at least Peach being idle is PIS). - Qryzx

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