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1 Without Mario There Would Be No Sonic

If Mario hadn't, saved the video game industry's. Then there would be no sonic... - nintendofan126

Sonic is just a fail rip off of Mario blue skin big feet and cute big eyes that make me cry every time I see then and the yellow belt!

I ( and a couple billion people) call mario "the king of games". I love mario so much!

Definitely - TheQ

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2 Sonic fans are annoying

Sonic would be better if he hadn't this fanbase - ShahryRKnoT

I gotta agree. - spodermanfan1000

How do you think that much people are annoying - Nateawesomeness

And Mario Fans are good? God, I hate them. - DCfnaf

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3 Sonic Has an Annoying Voice

I died when I heard his voice he failed to copy Mario's voice

Sonic mother be like: sonic why can't you be a dear like Mario and shut up

Yay he says all right all the time Mario kart is the best

And Mario's isn't? You know Sonic has a better voice. - DCfnaf

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4 Mario Has Better Games

I hate sonic because his fans are annoying, his games are lame and crap and he is overrated, I mean, once I saw a Mario vs Sonic top list and nearly everyone picked the Sonic games, I saw that in the Sonic 3 vs Super Mario Bros 3 section everybody picked the sonic game, while I prefer Mario 3 because is better, and I will send a big message and pick SMB3 and encourage people to vote for SMB3 - GumballWatterson

Mario has better games than Sonic in general, especially Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins and Super Mario 64 for the N64.

Mario games, have sold way more than sonic games... - nintendofan126

Sega make bad games now. - computerfan0

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5 Sonic Fans Make Terrible Fanart

If you wanna argue about this, go Google sonic fanart and see what people made. Some of it is ok... But most, of it is terrible. - nintendofan126

They also make good fanart, but it is hard to find, I'll admit. But I'm willing to bet that Mario has some good and bad fanart as well.

Only 5 year olds like sonic wait SONIC IS NOT FOR KIDS

So do Mario's - DCfnaf

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6 Mario Doesn't Have a Perverted Anime Fandom

Actually, he does. They both do.

Don't give those 34-year-old couch potatoes who live in their mom's basement any ideas! - BeatlesFan1964

How is sonic x perverted? - Nateawesomeness


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7 Sonic Abused Tails In Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Mario is helping Luigi like in super Mario galaxy he takes his time to help whoever needs help and Sonic just is a bull to everyone his games should be called "Let's Get This Over With I Don't Care About Anything Ha Ha"

He let tails drown, like 100 times! - nintendofan126

Proof that sonic is not a hero

Yes it did.

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8 Mario's Better for Kids

This is true especially with the fact that there is so many messed up sonic fan art that kids might be into that mario doesn't have oh and I liv in Saudi Arabia and literally every where we go there is a super mario statue or big screen or painting and kids love it that's because king of Saudi Arabia thought it was a great idea to put the Italian plumber all over the country and nobody knows sonic there

Sonic is worst! I mean! Pokemon and Mario are fun and cuter! Nintendo's two game series are way better than that stinky hedgehog

Yes Mario has been there when I was like 5 and when I seen sonic I was scared and had nightmares I was into guns and bad stuff because of it but now I'm back

Once I saw a Sonic game for Wii that was lame and it was inappropiate for children under 12! - GumballWatterson

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9 Sonic Has More Bad Games

Mario has bad games too... But sonics games are worst! - nintendofan126

Mario does have bad games but they are like 3% of mario games most are good where as sonic has the most BORING GAMES EVER

But Sonic Boom is awful and there are more bad Sonic games. - computerfan0

What about Mario is missing? And Hotel Mario? Those each count as about 5 or 10 bad games. -shadowswagger922

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10 Mario has more characters

Mario has way! More characters... - nintendofan126

Sonic has more characters. They are stupid except Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy.

Mario has more characters.

No but mario does have more main characters

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11 Sonic Has More Annoying Characters

Have you seen Peach fight in Smash Bros.!?

Amy really gets on my nerves sometimes... Lol

This is true. (but peach and baby Mario is on the same level) - idontknow

Nintendofan, I can name about a hundred Nintendo characters that are annoying. Too bad, so sad.

Sega fanboy I can name a hundred of Sega characters who are annoying. - TheQ

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12 Mario is more iconic

Mario was known more then mickey and bugs bunny just like mickey is for Disney shrek is for dream works it's mario for Nintendo and mario is more popular then sonic

Well I do see him when I see Nintendo.

Mario became so iconic, that kids didn't know who bugs bunny, and Mickey mouse we're. - nintendofan126

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13 Mario's Been Around Longer

Mario, is about 9 years longer than sonic. - nintendofan126

Mario's been around since 1987 sonic 1989. BOOM!

I am sick of this excuse yes I am a mario fan ( I like sonic also but not that much) but so what it should be that there would have been no sonic, just saying it doesn't whos been around longer.

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14 Super Mario 64

Especially the N64 version which is the top 1 best video game in the world since release.

This should be top 1. This is the best Mario game in existence.

Been playing' since I was 3 still can't figure out tiny huge island

Compare sonic 06 to super mario 64 LOL

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15 Mario Can Be Fun for All Ages

Both games are for older kids, adults and elderly people

My mom dad brothers sister and all my friend (most of them) love Mario

And sonic one of the games is either for the very young or the very old it's never for old

I'm a big fan of Mario he is my favorite video game character

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16 Sonic has terrible TV shows

Mario had some bad cartoons too but I did like them my fave was the super Mario bro 3 one the acting and the voice acting was great!

I mean, they did a show off a terrible game series! (Sonic Boom, & now every character looks very crappy)

Agreed. The Super Mario bros super show is heck compared to the adventures of sonic the hedgehog.

The adventures of Sonic the hedgehog sucked. Mario Bros super show is better. - TheQ

I love The super Mario super show and Super Mario world.

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17 Mario is from a better company

Nintendo is the best game company in the world! Search in Google if you don't believe me.

I had a Nintendo when I was a kid I loved it

This has to be the best reason why

Nintendo is my favorite video game company. Can't get enough of them. loved everything I played from them. Nintendo gets a 10/10 mastery rating

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18 Mario is more recognized by people

Of course he is he gets like 3 or 4 games a year when sonic only gets one horrible one

Everyone sure has heard about him (not people who died under 1981

True this no one in youtube ever plays sonic games but they play mario maker mario run mario 3DS unfair mario I don't see any sonic

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19 Mario has better final boss music V 1 Comment
20 Mario Kart Came Out Before Sonic and Sega All Star Racing

Mario Kart 8 is God compared to Sonic Free Riders

Hm... more like, Sega All-Junk Racing!

Not only that but mario kart is much better

Sonic Stole Many Concepts From Mario! Sonic Shuffle And Sonic R

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