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21 Mario has been around longer

Yes he has 10 years longer

Well sonic has been around longer than shadow, but shadow is still more popular so...

Yes and sega had nothing to do for the *cough cough* leader


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22 Mario has better final boss music

Look up NSMBU final boss music on YouTube. That should be more than enough.

In the Final M&L 3
Final Boss Phase 2 M&L 5 NSMB Series
The Shadow Queen Phase 2 PM TTYD
Final Bower Battle PM
Adventures End M&L 4
Baby Bowser YI
Bowser's Road SMB Series

23 Mario can swim unlike Sonic

True this and you don't see mark fans saying mario is better then sonic because mario can swim but you d see a lot of sonic fans saying sonic is better then mario because sonic is fast

24 Mario is more recognized by people

Of course he is he gets like 3 or 4 games a year when sonic only gets one horrible one

Everyone sure has heard about him (not people who died under 1981

Every one I know knows Mario.

True this no one in youtube ever plays sonic games but they play mario maker mario run mario 3DS unfair mario I don't see any sonic

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25 Coins are better than rings

Coins would actually make you look rich. Rings would make you look like you married and divorced 1,000,000 giants, and the rings are your wedding rings.

True, a gold coin is better than a stupid plastic ring painted gold

Sonic is rude it seems he treats women so bad he always divorces them. - Mariofan

This shows why comparing lists are dumb. - Drawbox

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26 It has been proven that in their first games, Mario is faster than Sonic

That theory has been debunked. Also, it was JUST A THEORY to begin with.

Yah and in rio Olympus you can see mario catching up with sonic in a race most sonic fans think sonic is better then mario because he is faster I wonder what they think now

I tested it myself game theory is correct, mario's faster

Yeah sonic is a fat chili dog eater. - Mariofan

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27 Mario is created by Nintendo

Yes he was. Nintendo is one of the most best selling game companies in the world. Mario, Zelda, Dk, Kirby, Star Fox, Metroid, the list is endless! Sega has their one blue rat who's only ability is going fast and what, three consoles? Mario being made by Nintendo is a big step that put him at the top of the ladder. Plus, Mario revived the gaming industry, bringing forth the existence of sega and sonic. Why, Mario? Now we have to deal with the one of 06 and his other horrible games! Anyone who says Mario has bad games obviously hasn't heard of Sonic Boom.

Apparently makes Mario better.

Mario is better than Sonic but when Pokémon came out then Pokémon was the most popular game that relased in Japan. You know Pokemon have lots of shirts like many pikachu shirts

28 Sonic Fangirls

I connot stand Sonic Fangirls! - nintendofan126


Sonic fangirls "AH! " Mario fangirls ":D"

Mario fans bash people who prefer Sonic.

Luigi fanboys hate Mario and Luigi fangirls hate Daisy because she's Luigi's love interest as DaisyandRosalina mentioned. They hate Rosalina too because some ship her with Luigi.
Waluigi fans are true toxic. They hate Daisy and Rosalina for being more relevant than he is.
Daisy fans hate any female Mario character. They constantly started the Daisy vs Rosalina war in the first place. They bully Rosalina and Peach fans.
Yoshi fans will hate anyone who doesn't like Yoshi.
Rosalina fans are perverts that fap to her 24/7 and hate Daisy because they think she's ugly.
Koopaling fans are jealous of Bowser Jr.
Toadette fans hate Daisy and Wario.
Peach fans (some) hate Rosalina because she's stealing her spot when she isn't and hate mostly Daisy for being her ugly clone when she isn't. - ParkerFang

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29 Mario has better RPG games

Every Mario RPG game was amazing! Unlike sonic, he had only 1 RPG game. And it was terrible! - nintendofan126

Take Dream team for exsmple. It was awesome I loved antasma.

30 Sonic 06

This game is a disgrace to the sonic franchise! - nintendofan126

No, Although Sonic 06 is bad it still has redeeming qualities, y'all guys need to pay attention to Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric, that game was critically panned by critics and it is a disgrace for the Sonic Franchise

This was actually a great game.

It's the reason phantomstrider now plays Mario!

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31 Mario is Nintendo's mascot

Its fact and without Mario do know what Nintendo would be? A good old loving dream. Mario made Nintendo popular!.

But Sega announced they are going to make a new mascot.

And sonic is sega's mascot

Yah but sega sucks

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32 Luigi is better than Tails

So true tails is just the perfect smart guy who is so perfect which is kinda boring but Luigi on the other hand you can relate to him sometimes stupid sometimes scared he also has his best moments I love Luigi.

So true Luigi is way better than tails. He is way stronger and not as annoying

Luigi can be badass.

I agree - ParkerFang

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33 He has a sweet girlfriend

This may sound weird but I think they are a cute couple, I mean he would save her from a combination of a turtle, dragon, ox monster, just for her, what has sonic done for amy, nothing only saved her once, to be honest I think that mario and amy would be a cute couple, bestiality, you think, I don't care, does mario look, like a human to you, kind off, I bet that he can make her not annoying she was kind of cute in sonic x, but forget about that, what I am saying is that if mario would slay a demon like creature, travel through his brothers dreams, or travel through the universe, for her, then that is true love.

Mario has a sweet girlfriend. There is nothing wrong with that.

Mario is actually okay with the fact peach is right next to him, but sonic runs away. Coward

I don't like Peach but she is sweet - yunafreya648

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34 Mario has better villains

Actually, bosses in Super Paper Mario take many hits to kill. Plus, the boss battles require strategy.

Yeah, all of Mario's villains die in 1-3-5 hits. And pretty much every villain is Bowser or someone like him.

Some people think sonic has better villains...WRONG mario has better villans

Bowser vs eggman Bowser stomps on eggman heavy. you are dead

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35 Sonic is a bad friend to Tails

I remember that moment from Archie when Sonic made Tails cry :'(

Mario, on the other hand, is good to his brother Luigi.

At least sonic the hedgehog has drama, tragedy and emotional moments when has Mario ever had that?

Evidence? - ParkerFang

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36 Mario let Luigi have 5 games when Sonic only let Tails have 2

Mario is a lot more nicer to Luigi than Sonic to Tails

Mario and Luigi are soulmates there brothers and don't believe a stupid theory that doesn't say sp

Luigi has more: Mario is Missing, Luigi Mansion, Luigi Mansion 2: Dark Moon, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, New Super Luigi U, Luigi Bros(Super Mario 3D World), Super Luigi Bros(NES Remix 2) and Dr. Luigi, Tails only had one and it was a disaster!

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37 Tails is really annoying

If u think Tails is annoying. Peach is more annoying.

Tails isn't annoying, really, but Amy is

Tails isn't annoying

Vegta whats the scanner say about his nerd level its over 90000000000000

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38 Bowser is better than Eggman

At least Eggman doesn't capture a princess 5 times a second. And eggman's actually smart I am sorry bra you are actually wrong yes eggman used to be my favorite sonic character in sonic adventure 2 but not anymore to prove you're wrong listen to 2 things number 1. you say he was smart then why is he such a retard in adventures of sonic the hedgehog? 2. "Eggman doesn't capture a princess 5 times a second" bra have you played sonic 06.

Yeah but Eggman is freak en stupid and never learns his lesson about stop doing world domination

At least Eggman doesn't capture a princess 5 times a second. And eggman's actually smart

I agree but that's just an opinion - ParkerFang

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39 Sonic is harder to control

This is EXACTLY like youtube, I love how people make a certain topic like this, and people talk about stuff that have NOTHING to do with the topic. - GamingGoku757

Mario has way better music than Sonic for almost 25 years Sonic fanboy.

Man sonic still has better music than Mario and had this for almost 25 years. Even sonic2006 had better music than some great sonic games

Mario has way better music than Sonic for 30 years and that's a fact. Sonic 06 music is boring. - TheQ

Settle argument 16bit goes to mario, yes I have listen to chemical plant, but compare to mario bros 2 theme, early 2000s goes to sonic, rock music rocks, wii, tie I like both, modern, goes to mario. so mario won

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40 Sonic is an arrogant idiot

I think that's their attempt to model Sonic like the modern teenager. Knowing this, and knowing that I'm a teenager, I'm really ticked off!

That I strongly agree with. See the ninth episode of Sonic X.

Who cares if Sonic saved the world? Mario saved like 1,000,000,000,000 universes in Super Paper Mario.

This is true

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