10 Reasons Why Mario Is Better Than Sonic


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41 Mario Has Better 3D Games

Agreed. I love Super Mario 3D land

This is supper true I just love 3d mario game

42 The Mario Franchise Is Actually Fun

At least there is no Mario game where Mario kills himself when you stand still for a long time.

At least there is no Mario game where Mario kills animals from sky chase zone. - TheQ

Mario is awesome, sonic is terrible. No further question

Mario is usually wait till the obstacle is gone or jump over it. Mario's terrible

Yes further question.
Why is Mario awesome but sonic terrible?

43 Mario is an adult and Sonic is a teen

Mario and Sonic games are aimed at kids and preteens. Not a lot of them are mature YET. Sonic is more relatable (slightly) than Mario.

How does that make Mario better?

Older = wiser. Mario is smarter than sonic!

Age don't matter - ParkerFang

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44 Red Is Better Than Blue

Pokemon Red is better than Pokemon blue if you remembered as a kid

Mario is red. Boom

Toothpaste is better than boring blue


45 Rosalina Is Better Than Blaze

Yah it does Rosalina is a mario characters

Apparently makes Mario better.

Bout the same to be honest

Why compare her to Blaze? - ParkerFang

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46 Mario has more of a classic feel to it than Sonic

Mario games are mostly classic feeling, but Sonic's games were only classic before the jump to 3D. Mario jumped to 3D but Super Mario 64 was amazing still and was VERY Classic

47 The Mario RPGs have great music

Especially Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars, Paper Mario: Sticker Star's predecessors and Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story's predecessors. - The Ultimate Daredevil


48 Mario's Just Better

Uh, this is what this list is about: WHY he's better.

Um not a reason noob

I see you are out of reasons, not that any of them were valid.


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49 Mario Has Better Racing Games

Actually, Sonic Riders is a great, underrated racing game that is loads of fun. It also has a story. Mario Kart has zero stories. You just...win.

By the way Mario rids karts so they don't run on gas

Sonic just copied Mario.

Why would they make a sonic racing game the original game gear it is a copy and paste of mario kart that is not fun. also sonic 1 game gear sky base zone is a rip off of the koopaling airships.

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50 They Changed Sonic's Design In Sonic Boom

Forgive me with the big long school project essay here. If someone asked me if I grew up with Classic Sonic or Modern Sonic, I'd say Classic, even if I'm way too young to be a millennial. The very first game I played was a collection of Sonic Classic games. ALL 90'S! SONIC BOOM REDESIGN RUINED MY CHILDHOOD!

When I first got the news, I felt pathetic. I knew Sonic since Adventure, and after all this time, they're changing everything? It's not nostalgic anymore.

His old design was fine. Why did they change it? - nintendofan126

Am I the only one how likes the show looks around reely only me

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51 Sonic has gone downhill

Shadow made the Sonic franchise go downhill, unfortunately. If it weren't for him, as well as Cream and Rouge, then the series would've been better than it is now.

Mario, on the other hand, just gets better and better.

Sonic 06 is not bad anymore, Sonic Boom is a disgrace

Bye sonic! And good ridens to him too! And hello Mario!

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52 Sonic has a terrible personality

Here is a description of his personality from an Archie comic:
"Although he tries to maintain a certain level of 'cool', at heart he's a lovable goof who loves his friends and family dearly. You can always count on him to get you through in a tough spot, he's all for speaking his mind for what he believes in, and, well, he really cares."

Well at least he has one. - Drawbox

What's wrong with that? It's saying he's a great person. Well, hedgehog

( Replying to, "What's wrong with that? He's a great person... Well, hedgehog...)
I'm going against this reason, that's why I posted that.

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53 Sonic has more annoying water levels

You have five seconds to get back up but you can't do it! SO ANNOYING!

I agree because at least Mario can swim

Why? Why does he have to have aquaphobia? Why? WHY?

54 Mario Is from Nintendo While Sonic Is from Sega

This 'reason' has popped up like 10 times. Not even a reasonable reason.

Sega makes bad games the best rated sonic game was SA with an 86% on GameRankings. The best rated Mario game is Galaxy with 97%

55 Sonic's Personality Is Terrible

Second time, it really must be bad

56 The worlds in Super Mario Bros look better

Super Mario Galaxy has it all. A galaxy full of bees, a galaxy completely made of flipswitch panels, a surfing galaxy, a galaxy with a fort on a giant rock, a galaxy full of space junk, a tropical galaxy, a garden galaxy, a galaxy of hot and cold, a desert galaxy, a autumn galaxy, a galaxy made of toys and sweets, a ball rolling galaxy, a ghost themed galaxy, and a galaxy with a giant ship. Try competing with that, Sonic!

You said it! Plus Bowser has a Death Star that EATS plants! AWESOME!

Sweet sweet galaxy (mario galaxy 2007) sweet mountain (sonic colors 2010) really sega koopaling airship (1989 mario 3) wing fortress zone (1992 sonic 2) meh it turns out that they steal ideas from nintendo


57 Sonic started a console war

I hate it when people say Mario started it but Sonic did

Sonic did first

Mario did too.

Ok both Mario and Sonic started a console war.

58 The Characters In Sonic the Hedgehog Are Way More Annoying

Princess Peach and Toad aren't annoying? I can name one annoying Sonic character. CHARMY

Daisy is extremely annoying.
But I like the other characters. - PaperMarioFan

59 Super Mario 64 is way better than the Sonic Adventure series

You're probably just a Sonic hater and Mario lover

Super Mario 64 gets 1000000/10 stars. Sonic Adventure gets 3/10 stars.

Super Mario 64 DS gets 7/10 stars. Sonic Adventure gets 3/10 stars.

You are right

60 Amy Rose Is Stupid

All Peach does is say, "Mario! Help me! " and get captured all the time. Amy is a playable character, rarely ever gets captured, etc.

At least she doesn't get captured every game unlike Peach and Amy should be in Smash not Peach.

Peach is so-pose to be the damsel in distress in the Mario Games, do you want the Mario franchise to lose their way, like the Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and Final Fantasy franchise

Just leve sonic alone for just a second you see him god

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