10 Reasons Why Mario Is Better Than Sonic


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61 Mario Has More Power-Ups Than Sonic

The whole purpose of the color wisps was too rip off the power ups in Mario.


I hope they make a dog power up and a chicken power up :D

62 Sonic is overpowered with Super Sonic

Super saiyan rip off

What about that white OHKO powerup? At least super sonic doesn't OHKO

63 Sonic doesn't wear clothes

Yes this is a good reason because sonic where shoes and gloves but he doesn't wear clothes which is kinda stupid

Apparently that makes Mario better. You people are running out of reasons.

He's an animal! What do you expect?

Sonic is disgraceful he is not thankful. - Mariofan

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64 Sonic has green eyes

Wow. Totally convinced me to join Mario. So amazing and persuasive.

Amazing reason. :claps sarcastically:

What this has too be the weakest reason why lol

MariotehPlumber? Is that u? (lol)

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