Reasons Mario is Actually Not a Bad Guy

Now, I understand Game Theory says that Mario is mental, and Niccobbq did a top ten list on why Mario is not actual a hero, but they're both wrong. So, I'm going to do a few reasons on why Mario is actually not a bad guy.

#1. Mario is only the bad guy in Donkey Kong Circus & Donkey Kong Jr.

Fact:Sure. Mr. Matthew Patrick AKA MatPat says that Mario also abuses Wigglers & Cheep Cheeps, but they're like the weakest Mario enemies ever.

#2. Mario is Yoshi's friend.

Fact:Mario isn't actually punching Yoshi in order to stick out his tongue & the reason Yoshi falls to death in a pit is because the gamers made Mario jump off.

#3. Mario is a good brother to Luigi.

Fact:MatPat says in Mario Is Missing, Mario doesn't thank Luigi. Well, Mr. MatPat, there's a "Thank You" screen where Mario & Luigi appear. Now, doesn't that show Mario does respect his brother? In Mario Power Tennis during Luigi's celebration, Mario congratulates him & stands on his foot, but is only joking around. In New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Luigi doesn't join Mario & Peach because he doesn't even look behind him, or walk inside the hot air balloon.

#4. Mario recently has only two girlfriends, and has an ex-girlfriend.

Fact:Daisy may be Luigi's girlfriend & Mario's ex-girlfriend, but he now has two choices. Which ever is the girl he'll date, it's either Pauline, or Peach.

#5. Mario is not a Toad murderer.

Fact:It's true that Toads are turned into brick blocks by the evil Bowser & people say Mario is killing them by braking them with his hands, but what about in New Super Mario Bros. Wii where two Toads help him along? Well, let's say after you return to where you broke a brick block, you'll see that it's back to its original form. Now, Peach can turn the Toads back to normal.

#6. Mario has help along the way.

Fact:Don't think Mario kills his helpers. His helpers also kill themselves. One question is "Who are these helpers? " Players 3 & 4. That's right! If you're players 3 & 4, you've helped Mario & Luigi.

#7. Mario is not a drug addict & the mushrooms he eats aren't Toad heads.

Fact:Mushrooms are considered vegetables, and some mushrooms can be considered bad & poisonous if you eat them. Although, some mushrooms are actually good, even on pizza as a topping. Just because power mushrooms have eyes, doesn't mean they're Toad heads. Starmen & fire flowers have eyes, too.

#8. Mario can be rich if he collects gold coins.

Fact:Don't think Mario is greedy like his cousin, Wario. Did you know that if you collect one hundred coins, you get an extra life?

#9. Mario brings baby penguins back to its mother.

Fact:Who made Mario drop a baby penguin from a cliff in Super Mario 64? You did!

#10. Mario destroys Bowser's castles.

Fact:Bowser's evilness is demolished.

#11. Mario's racing games & party games are fun.

#12. Mario destroys Bowser's evil minions.

Fact:Sure! People feel ashamed in killing innocent Goombas, but who makes them walk off the cliff? Bowser! He brainwashed them in the first place.

#13 (Final). Mario's arch rival is Bowser.

Fact:Bowser kidnaps Peach a lot.

Now, let's say you're reading this, but you still don't believe that this "Mario is evil" thing is wrong. Mario is a hero in video games, even if you think he's actually evil like Bowser. Whether you think Mario is good, or is actually bad, we still don't know. Don't believe that this "Mario is evil" thing is actually true. Mario might be good, or he might be bad, but remember this! Mr. MatPat says that it's just a theory, a GAME THEORY! THANKS FOR READING! (To me, I believe Mario is a good guy. )

Do you think Mario is a bad guy, or it's JUST A THEORY?


I agree I'm sick and tired of this Mario is mental crap. And all of this is true. - nintendofan126

I know right - visitor

Everything above us is a lie - visitor

This proves that mario is a good guy - visitor

Thank god, someone else with intelligence. Mario is not evil. He has a dark side, sure. And can be mean at times. But that just shows that he's not wooden, unlike so many other protagonists in video games. He's not evil. It really isn't the first time MatPat has been wrong. Look at my response to Game Theory: Pokemon, PETA, and Plasma (I'm the one named "PrinceSephiroth"). I enjoyed taking his theory apart on that one. - visitor

Take that Mario haters! >:D - visitor

Thank you. - visitor

Mario is a good guy he does not punch yoshi he points. - visitor

I agree with you Mario is not evil! - visitor

Mario says to luigi in luigi's mansion dark moon your number 1 - visitor

Mario is good except for donkey kong junior and donkey kong circus mario and luigi are brothers of course they will be jealous with each other mario is good! - visitor

I'm on your side for sure - visitor

I'm not saying mario is completely good or eveil but you did not do a very good job of proving his innocense. Over half your reasons are terrible. How does being rich or his games being fun prove he is a good person. You also state that mario is only evil in his first two games (which by the way he is extremelly evil) but is not evil for abusing weak enemys. It's like saying it is ok to hurt a little puppy just because it is not as strong as you. - visitor

Mario is a hero I'm still confused but thanks to god nintendo knows he is a hero. Toad is in the block. It could just be for that game. - visitor

I think marios good true that - visitor



I agree that Mario just points because how else is yoshi going to know when to use his tongue? And with the graphic limitations of the SNES, it can't really show his finger, right? - visitor

Mario is not evil he's awesome and good - visitor

Mario is Good. I'm tired of people saying he's bad its stupid - visitor

You left out valid points Game Theory made and the animal abuse, this a stupid argument honestly. Plus Wigglers and Cheep Cheeps aren't enemies if they don't inflict damage. - visitor

Mario is a good for a couple of reasons, Bowser kidnaps Peach and endangers her life by holding her up in castles that have lava and death traps. Mario just wants a piece of cake from peach or to hang with her. - visitor

Mario is good. I played almost all games and he is not evil. He might do something you might not like but he is good. - visitor

Whoops I meant I in the sentence U almost believed all of the stuff people were saying about Mario bad. I also did not have a way to reply to my comment so I did my comment on someone's comment ':D sorry! - visitor