Mario is Actually a Good Guy - Part 3

Welcome to part 3 on how this "mental" plumber is actually a good guy. Now, before we go over part 3, let me talk to all of you for at least a second. I don't care if you think Mario is a bad guy, or worse, a "sociopath". I think Mario is the hero. He's been the hero in all of his games, except for DK Circus & DK Jr. How about this? You can believe what you think is true, and I'll believe what I think is true. While a lot of you think Mario's an anti-hero, I'm a person that doubts that and believes that Mario is considered the good guy & the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. It doesn't matter if you're not a fan of this plumber from Nintendo because even if Game Theory says he's a "sociopath", he'll still be a part the video game industry. Now, let's go over part 3.

#5. Mario doesn't just hit all of the blocks.

The only ones that are considered "dead toads" are the brick blocks that don't give you coins. I know that Mario is said to be a bad guy because you knew he broke a bunch of coinless brick blocks that were actually Toads & that's technically a "murder", but the Toads in New Super Mario Bros. Wii do that, so I'm guessing that the brick blocks without coins are put back together again. Yeah, sorry Mr. MatPat, but I highly doubt that Mario is a muderer.

#6. Mario has help along the way.

Mario beating the life out of his helpers? His helpers do that, too. If anyone considers New Super Mario Bros. Wii to be a videogame that "ruins friendships", you just tossed your friends in an endless pit.

#7. Mario's not a drug addict & the power ups he eats aren't Toad heads.

Who says that the mushrooms in Mario are Toad heads? Nobody! Not all mushrooms are bad for Mario, except the poison mushroom. "But Toads have eyes just like the mushrooms", you say. What else has eyes? Starmen & fire flowers.

#8. Mario lives in a kingdom that has a huge economy with a lot of coins.

100 coins=1 extra life

Mario's not greedy like his cousin, Wario.

#9. Mario can give baby penguins back to their mothers.

Anyone that Mario drop a penguin off a cliff is you!

#10. Mario destroys Bowser's castles & minions.

Bowser's evilness is demolished, but what about his minions? I know Mario jumps on & kill innocent Goombas, but did you know that some of them walk off the cliff? Who made them do that? Bowser.

#11. Mario Party & Mario Kart are fun game series.

Why would you think Mario cheats in races with blue shells? Those are part of the race. You know what else? I'm tired of people saying that Mario Party "ruins friendships".

#12 (Final). Mario's arch rival is Bowser.

Bowser is always kidnapping the princess.

So, those were all of the reasons on why this "mental" plumber is no anti-hero. Sorry, Mr. MatPat, but I'm afraid that your theory is completely wrong about Mario. He's not mental, not a bad guy, except in DK Circus & DK Jr, and he's the biggest gaming mascot ever. If gamers are happy with Mario, then Nintendo is happy with him, the Mushroom Kingdom is happy with him, I'm happy with him, and the gaming industry is happy with him. No matter if you think Mario is evil, or not, he's still considered the most famous mascot in the gaming industry. by the way, stop it with this whole "Mario treats his brother like junk" thing. It's stupid. Next time you hear Nintendo, I hope you don't forget about our favorite pudgy plumber. But, hey that's just a theory, a GAME THEORY! THANKS FOR WATCHING!

Mario:See you next time!


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