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21 He's cruel to the Koopalings

Bowser isn't cruel he just wants attention and I said a good father. Mario isn't cruel either.

Because they're villains.

Because they are cruel to him.

They're evil that's why - VideoGamefan5

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22 Luigi came in a hot air balloon, and Mario gets in and leaves him behind

If only there was an alternate universe where Daisy flew down in another hot air balloon and took Luigi with her :(

Uh...NO! Luigi closed the door for them and the balloon floats away! Wasn't Mario's fault or Peach's! - DCfnaf

Actually I agree with this one because Luigi was reaching to get in but they fly away

I don't think this makes him evil, but it was still kind of a jerk move. - Garythesnail

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23 He's very similar to Axel Chains

He is from Your Favorite Martian. He should be the guitarist, not the drummer of YFM!

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24 Mario kills animals, toads, etc.
25 He turns the wrong way in all Mario Karts

How does this not make him a hero? - nintendofan126

Oh gosh! Not speeding tickets! - TwilightKitsune

And thank you Nintendo fan


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26 Mario is a pervert


What the hell people, I've never seen him rape peach, this list is

27 He is very stupid on purpose

He is the meanest guy on earth

Who sed Mario is stupid?

Mean and stupid? I've never seen Mario been meen and stupid oh wait I've seen so many Times being mean and stupid IN FANMADE VIDEOS!

28 He abused Donkey Kong before his debut as Jumpman.

Game Theory has too many fanboys! There's a difference between fan and fanboy:

Fan - Someone who likes a person or character and understands if people don't like them (ex. Wario is my favorite Mario Character, but I do know people will not agree because he's fat and greedy)

Fanboy - Someone who is obsessed with a person or character and doesn't seem to understand there are issues (ex. People don't understand that "Mario is Mental" is a joke video because it was made by Game Theory) - DCfnaf

Seriously, guys, game theories doesn't know everything! Jumpman is not Mario's father! And Pauline is not Mario's mother!

It is actually highly likely. However I don't think that Mario ends up dating Daisy. - DCfnaf

Jump man is Mario's dad that mean he didn't attack DK + that means that girl from DK was his mother,that's mean in Mario vs DK he was save he's mother from DK

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29 He directly caused Wario to be the way he is

How? Wario acts the way he does BECAUSE HE WAS NOT GIVEN A PROPER HOME. - DCfnaf

30 He takes all the credit for his adventures

He does. Its total madness! Luigi and everyone should be mad at Mario and take revenge by bringing him on an adventure and not give Mario any credit!

31 He kills cheep cheeps, who are (usually) innocent

If you touch one you die

How is that the cheep cheep's fault?

32 He reads Luigi's diary in Paper Mario

I'm pretty sure that luigi is understand that Mario just read his diary for good reasons

Just an invasion of privacy. How come no one thinks of this one? - Mamaluigi22

Best Paper Mario Games

Top 1. Super Paper Mario (10/10)
Top 2. Paper Mario (9.5/10)
Top 3. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (9/10)
Top 4. Paper Mario: Sticker Star (4/10)

I'd put Thousand Year Door over Regular Paper Mario but it's your List! - DCfnaf

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33 In Super Mario 64 DS, He comes in big boo's haunt ALONE!

With the Monster books?! REALLY?!

How does that make him evil? Idiot. - GamingGoku757

1.he needs to go their because their are stars their,and you need stars to save peach,2.he saves luigi their also - Nateawesomeness

1. You could play as Yoshi.

2. Mario needs to rescue Luigi. - DCfnaf

34 He loathes Archie Comics

When and how? - VideoGamefan5

35 Mario Likes Potty Humor
36 Mario will take steroids V 1 Comment
37 He doesn't even do his job as a plumber.

Does anyone remember Mario Bros.? The arcade game? They did plumbing in Superstar Saga, too. - Garythesnail

LOL good one but how about he dumped itching powder in luigi's trousers

Luigi doesn't do it either. - nintendofan126

Mario and his brother do theas thing for wemon

38 He makes Wario and Waluigi outcasts
39 He invites Luigi's enemy Waluigi to kart race and party with him

Idiot so what Mario also invites his enemies Bowser jr Bowser iggy wendy donkey kong wario lemmy and others what an idiot so what so you can play as them jeez

He also invites his own enemies, Wario and Bowser. - Garythesnail

So let me geuss this streat being nice to some enemy's and invite them to parties and races makes him evil?!

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40 He harms Wigglers who never (unless they are angered) intend to harm him

The Wiggler in Sunshine was preventing the legendary sand bird from hatching. The Wiggler in 64 got angry at Mario and TRIED TO KILL HIM. - DCfnaf

You know what touch one as small Mario and see what happens idiot even when there happy

Wigglers hurt him.

Mario is stupid on purpose - TopLucas

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1. Just for one princess he kills many innocent people controlled by Bowser
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1. Likes to fight nice characters
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