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41 He never sticks up for Luigi when people forget his name in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Let's fast forward to Bowser's Inside Story. In that game, there's an optional fight with 3 Shroobs. After it, Starlow insults Luigi and calls him a crybaby, and Mario tells her Luigi was brave and heroic. - Garythesnail

Not a good reason

42 He shows no remorse when he does something wrong

One example please. - DCfnaf

43 He doesn't invite many of his friends to events (such as Starlow, Toadsworth, Egad, many others)

But he invites MOST OF THEM.

E. Gadd is more of a Luigi character.

Toadsworth is playable in Super Mario Sluggers.

Starlow is an RPG character and is a jerk to Luigi. - DCfnaf

44 He doesn't put higher security by his toy line, leading to Pauline being kidnapped by Donkey Kong (more than once)

How is this his fault? - DCfnaf

45 In Super Mario 64 DS, he never thanks Yoshi for saving him


46 In Super Mario 64 DS, he always takes on Bowser alone, and never allows anyone else to come with

Idiot can't you play as wario luigi and yoshi jeez jerk


47 He battles a Baby Piranha in SM Galaxy 2, which was only mad because Mario had landed on it

Luigi does this too, but I do agree it was sad. - DCfnaf

In order to get a star, you idiots.

48 Mario doesn't thank Player Two Luma for his/her help in Super Mario Galaxy 2

What if you don't play with a second player? - DCfnaf


49 He tried to kill donkey kong

Because Donkey Kong tried to kill him. - DCfnaf

50 He spams fireballs in Super Smash Bros.

Everyone else in Smash Bros spams their powers too.

Not a good reason

Idoit that is gameplay its Super smash bros and every smash bros character hurts others too
Top 10 reasons why every smash bros character is not a hero
Jeez this list sucks

51 He doesn't chase after Donkey Kong when he breaks free in Donkey Kong 3.

The list contradicts itself. Earlier it said Mario was mean to DK by caging him and now it says he should've went after him. - DCfnaf

52 Mario is vengeful
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1. Just for one princess he kills many innocent people controlled by Bowser
2. Is mean to Luigi
3. He steals all the coins in the Mushroom Kingdom
1. Likes to fight nice characters
2. Beats helpers
3. Eats live mushrooms



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