Top 10 Reasons Why Mario Kart 8 is Awesome

I love this game! It's awesome! The only game I like better is Double Dash.

The Top Ten

1 It Has Fantastic Courses

Mute City, Big Blue, Dragon Driftway, Cloudtop Cruise, Bone Dry Dunes, Electrodrome, Mount Wario, Dolphin Shoals, Bowser's Castle, Shy Guy Falls, Ice Ice Outpost, Super Bell Subway, Sweet Sweet Canyon, Thwomp Ruins, Mario Circuit and Especially Rainbow Road - ToadF1

2 It Has Tons of Characters
3 It Contains Awesome DLC
4 It Has Great Gameplay
5 It's a Ton of Fun

It would be better for me if I didn't have a rude boy at my heels complaining how second is bad and first is the only good place - SeeU

6 It Has Beautiful Graphics

hell yeah - ToadF1

7 The Only Thing Bad About It is the Battle Mode

That, the Item Distribution and the Pretty Weak Roster - ToadF1

8 It Has Great Karts and Parts
9 It Improves the Retro Tracks
10 Lakitu Picks You Up Faster Everytime You Fall

Some people are complaining about that - ToadF1

The Contenders

11 Isabelle (Animal Crossing)
12 The Koopalings The Koopalings
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