Top Ten Reasons Why Mario Kart Wii Is Better Than MySims Racing

The Top Ten

1 Better Tracks

My favorite is the rainbow track

One of the best/more decent things about Mario Kdrt Wii is Rainbow Road's BGM and some of the characters (such as Mario & Rosalina & Luma).

2 Mario
3 No Crappy Missions
4 You Get to Unlock Cars Instead of Building Them
5 You Get to Unlock Characters Then Playing the Same Sim Over and Over Again
6 You Get to Be In Teams
7 Better Weapons On Mario Kart

Until this list, I didn't know that TheSims had a racing game. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

What? - darthvadern

8 No Gibberish Sims, or Any Sims at All
9 You Get to Play As Your Miis (If You Win a Certain Race Track)

YES! Sims are annoying as hell

10 Having the Red and Green Things to Throw at People Instead of Soccer Balls

The Contenders

11 Mario Kart Has Rainbow Road

Well, Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road is the best Rainbow Road ever!

12 Not Many Girls In the Game

Who cares? Just because a game includes girls doesn't make it bad.

Sexist. - KalloFox34

13 Better Weapons

Lets see...

Pumpkin seeds to either throw in people's face, or the ink thing where it turns most racers black for a few seconds?

The soccer ball, where you throw at people, or the red and green things to throw at people? Hmm...

And I play MySims Nintendo DS, not on wii

14 In mario kart wii when you ride up a mountain you don't stop and spin, you just get a boost
15 Mario Kart Is More Fun
16 Some Mario Characters Make Funny Noises, Sims Scream
17 No Star Levels
18 The Rainbow Track Is Easier Than the Final Track On Sims

They may look almost unanimous but the rainbow track is better, the track on the Sims (the last track on there) has too many turn and I keep falling off

19 No Taking Lazy People to Places
20 MySims Sucks

You never even played one, have you? - KalloFox34

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