Top 10 Reasons Why Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Is Awful

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21 Lack of Donkey Kong

Seriously, you're saying that this game sucks because Donkey Kong isn't in it well guess what He wasn't in Superstar Saga or Partners in Time so why would he be in this one - Pikachu7586

You can't say this game sucks because Donkey Kong is not in it.

Wow... What the hell this list is all so bias

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22 Terrible stereotypes V 3 Comments
23 Princess Peach's voice

Well you are blind because someone else said the same thing already!

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24 Plack Beach feels generic

It's the 3rd area in the game of course it's not gonna be as exciting as areas like Bowser's Castle. But why hate a game because of 1 area? - Pikachu7586

25 The bosses

The bosses are way too easy

Lol what?! They are actually very very difficult

Not All Of The Bosses In This Game Are Easy You Know. But Half Of Them Are.

There are WAY too many bosses in the M&L series in my opinion!

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26 Globins
27 It's bland

Not as bland as thus list it seems like! You're hating ona game for all of the wrong reasons it seems like! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Still less bland than this list. Dear God where do I begin with this list? - Pikachu7586

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28 It is weak
29 When the characters call Princess Peach kind and generous

Well, she is! Do you got any proof that she isn't? - HeavyDonkeyKong

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30 It's unoriginal
31 It's too hard!

Partners in time is harder in my opinion! But I love partners in time too! - HeavyDonkeyKong

No It's Not. It's Actually Kinda Easy.

Well, they never said it would be easy. - Pikachu7586

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32 Princess Peach's design & character models

Well it's the same design of the previous games and you don't hate them for that reason do you? - Pikachu7586

33 The carrot minigame

Beat it first try. heck even the tower of Yikk was harder (ps: beat it first try too.)

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34 The bugs

What bugs are you talking about? You mean like the bug bosses Scutlet, Wiggler, and Durmite, or techinical bugs? If you mean the latter then there are few and far between. - Pikachu7586

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