Top 10 Reasons Why Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time Is Better Than Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

People are crazy preferring M&L: BIS over M&L: PIT. I will show you the true proof why M&L: PIT is God compared to M&L: BIS, which is just overrated and a horrible sequel.

The negatives I have toward M&L: PIT are that it's too hard at times, Princess Peach is so annoying because of her squeaky, girlish voice, her pink dress (I hate dresses in general) and personality (which is prissy, mostly negative, crappy, short-tempered, infantile, unkind, defenseless which is inappropriate for her tall & healthy physique).

M&L: PIT is the Mario & Luigi RPG ever, not M&L:BIS!

M&L: SS deserves a favorable B+. It is a joy to play such a funny game with a nice soundtrack/visuals.

M&L: PIT deserves a stellar A rating.

M&L: BIS deserves an unfavorable D-. It can have many good aspects in it, but M&L: BIS was done wrong with a disgraceful soundtrack.

M&L: DT deserves a bad D rating.
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1 You play as 4 playable characters instead of 3, and the Baby Mario bros. beat adult Bowser

Both the baby characters and Bowser are good in their own way and bring on fun gameplay. None is better than the other. Well ok, Bowser is more interesting, but still

This is that troll who hates on every modern Mario game, isn't it? Really, this is no excuse. I haven't really played PIT, but which do you prefer: playing as a weaker version of the bros? Or maybe Bowser?

I prefer playing as Bowser then the baby brothers

2 Its soundtrack is flawless and much more creative

Both are equally flawless and creative in my opinion!

I disagree. Outside of Gritzy Desert, BiS has better music overall

Agreed. A lot more good tracks than BiS

3 Better graphics/engine/visuals

Fakte tio estas malprava. Wrong on so many levels.

Nope, BIS is more advanced, but graphics don't mean nothing! Stop trolling please! PLEASE!

4 You time travel!

Meh time travelling is one of the most overused and boring plot themes ever in my opinion. Although this game does portray it better than most other media...

Does that make Sonic 06 good? NO!

My reaction when people disrespective positive opinions on Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story's predecessors as an excuse to defend Sonic '06 has always been "NO, GOD! NO GOD, PLEASE! NO! NO! NOOO! ".

5 The levels are much more interesting and graphically perfect.

Now, the levels on paper sure are more interesting in Partners in Time. It's a shame though they're really linear and don't feel as immersive because of the bland map on the top screen.

Bowser's inside story had slightly more advanced graphics but whatever!

Mario and Luigi partners in time is a great game.

6 It has a more serious, mature soundtrack/content

Even though PiT is the darkest mario game to date and I applaud it for that, I still felt BiS was more colourful and immersive.

And that's necessary now? It's a good game, but the M&L games are known for being goofy and weird! There are also games that handle serious stories better in the series(SPM, etc.)

Mature? Mario doesn't need to be mature!

7 It does not overdose on King Bowser

Bowser was the protagonist of bis...

Yeah, you're totally right, it's not like Bowser's NAME WAS IN THE TITLE or anything.

If anything, it UNDERdoses on him though

8 Not likely to ever be remade (thus a rarity)

That's the saddest part. I played all of the other M&L games on the 3DS with their remakes, and the graphics amde them feel so alive and immersive. Partners in Time though is stuck with old school graphics. Not that simple graphics are bad, the enviroments and story just don't feel as intense or interesting as a result

It's a rare piece of Mario content that has far as we know will never be replicated unlike superstar saga and bowser's inside story.

Make it, nintendo

9 Shroob is better than Dark Bowser

I agree on that a lot. Dark Bowser is just the Dark Star having replicated Bowser's DNA, and since when haven't we already seen a star of power in a mario game, whereas the shroobs are an alien race who know nothing but destruction and feel more like a threat as a result.

10 Stronger humor

I never particularly cared for the humour for either game, as I play the games for the story and setting. However, the baby characters kind of annoyed me in PiT so...

Both games have Fawful and Bowser, so this is hard to say. In any case, Partners in Time is still an excellent game, but it's probably my least favorite of the four games so far. Still, it's a great game!

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11 It's not too popular

It's a shame seeing as how great it is. But BiS is still overall a bit better honestly

12 You only need the stylus once

That's not good

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