Top Ten Reasons Why Mario Party 2 Is the Best Mario Party Game for the Nintendo 64

The Top Ten

1 It Improves the Mistskes from Mario Party 1
2 It Allows the Player to Carry One Item
3 It Added the Banks
4 Fantastic Boards
5 Great Mini Games V 1 Comment
6 No Rotation Mini Games V 1 Comment
7 It Has Great Music
8 The Characters Wear Costumes That Match The Boards
9 The Gimmicks on The Boards
10 The Option Mode

It have better option mode than Mario Party 3! - Danteem

The Contenders

11 You can turn it into something to watch

It's easy, just pause the game, go to settings, go to COM settings (or whatever it's called.), put your player on COM, And your done.

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