Top Ten Reasons Why Mario Party 5 Is Awesome

The Top Ten

1 Fun Mini Games

What an amazing selection of mini games! Leaf Leap, Panic Pinball, Pushy Penguins, Dinger Derby, Defuse or Lose, Coney Island, and Fish Upon a Star are my favorites.

These types of lists are very biased. - darthvadern

What? They were forgettable. - darthvadern

This list was so good, until that party crasher darthvadern came to ruin this list!

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2 Great Board Gimmicks
3 Great Graphics

Duh play 9 or 10 those have even better graphics! - darthvadern

4 The Capsule Machine
5 Fun Boards

Nah, only half of them are good. - darthvadern

6 Ice Hockey

This sounds so bad. - darthvadern

7 First Time Using DK Space
8 Super Duel Mode

Super Duel Mode is AWESOME! You get to build a Machine of your own!

Olny valid choice here that isn't biased - darthvadern

9 Bowser Became Less Mean

And how is that a good thing? - darthvadern

10 It Added Three New Characters

Yeah, like that filler crap Koopa Kid. - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Beautiful Music

Nah, Island Tour had better, and so had 9, and 10, and 8, and 7 - darthvadern

12 It Removed Donkey Kong From Being Playable

How is that a good thing? He's an icon! - darthvadern

Meh, He is better off helping if you land on the DK Space.

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