Top Ten Reasons Why Mario Party 5 Is Awesome

The Top Ten Reasons Why Mario Party 5 Is Awesome

1 Fun Mini Games

This list was so good, until that party crasher darthvadern came to ruin this list!

Shut up Dathvadern!

What an amazing selection of mini games! Leaf Leap, Panic Pinball, Pushy Penguins, Dinger Derby, Defuse or Lose, Coney Island, and Fish Upon a Star are my favorites.

These types of lists are very biased. - darthvadern

2 Great Board Gimmicks
3 Great Graphics

Duh play 9 or 10 those have even better graphics! - darthvadern

4 The Capsule Machine
5 Fun Boards

Nah, only half of them are good. - darthvadern

6 Ice Hockey

This sounds so bad. - darthvadern

7 First Time Using DK Space
8 Super Duel Mode

Olny valid choice here that isn't biased - darthvadern

Super Duel Mode is AWESOME! You get to build a Machine of your own!

9 Bowser Became Less Mean

And how is that a good thing? - darthvadern

10 It Added Three New Characters

Yeah, like that filler crap Koopa Kid. - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Beautiful Music

Nah, Island Tour had better, and so had 9, and 10, and 8, and 7 - darthvadern

12 It Removed Donkey Kong From Being Playable

Meh, He is better off helping if you land on the DK Space.

How is that a good thing? He's an icon! - darthvadern

13 It is More Skill-Based
14 It Doesn't Have the Awful Car Gimmick
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