Top Ten Reasons Why Mario Party 7 Is the Best Mario Party Game

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1 8-player Mode

The best thing about this party.

Mario Party 10 has it.

So then? I agree it was quite a unique move but I don't think it was anything that awesomne to be honest - darthvadern

Is this yhe only Mario party game so far to have 8 Player mode so far? Pleae bringt hat back Nintendo! - HeavyDonkeyKong

2 It Removes Chance Time
3 It Removes the Boo Space
4 It Made Koopa Kid Unplayable

But he's still in the game, Mario Party 8 removed him completely - darthvadern

I like him, for your information. Way better than Bowser Jr.

5 It's Impossible to Get a One On the Dice Block In 8-player Mode
6 Great Music

True that, but it doesn't compete with the modern mario parties in terms of music - darthvadern

Yo, HeavyDonkeyKong! Epic music is common in Mario Party games, but in Mario Party 7, it's a hit and miss for me. - The Ultimate Daredevil, who hates the Mario Party games in the 2010s for reasons other than he is a retro fan

7 Great Minigames

Yeah, this game had some great minigames like Deck Hands, and so on, I liked it - darthvadern

8 Great Boards

Way better than Mario Party 4 and 5 - darthvadern

9 Toadsworth Is Funny In the Game

I love Toadsworth!

10 Bowser Time

Bowser time was great!

Nothing too awesomne in my opinion - darthvadern

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11 Bowser's Fun Movements
12 The Final Countdown

That one's terrible - darthvadern

This was a great final boss minigame - Pikachu7586

13 It feels more like the original Mario Party trilogy for the N64 than the recent, overrated, weak Mario Party games

Modern Mario Party is underrated! - darthvadern

14 The Sound Effects

It does sound a lot like the ones from previous Mario party games, but it's more clear and it makes me happy listening to them.

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1. 8-player Mode
2. It Removes Chance Time
3. It Removes the Boo Space
1. It Removes Chance Time
2. It Removes the Boo Space
3. 8-player Mode
1. 8-player Mode
2. It Removes the Boo Space
3. It Removes Chance Time


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